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E-Learning Day – When is it?

Have you ever heard of celebrating “e-Learning Day”?

Years ago when our city experienced extreme snowfall or rain or any natural calamity when it was not possible to travel on street, schools and colleges were closed. Children will get bored at home; as there were little opportunity to play outside. Teachers were stressed as they have to rush to complete the curriculum another day.

The time has changed. Now “Closed Days” are converted into “eLearning days” where students and teachers need to continue the learning through LMS and e-Learning.

Chicago Tribune just reported that “As one of three Illinois school districts participating in a pilot program that could put an end to snow days for good, Leyden High School District 212 in Franklin Park declared its first “e-learning day” Friday as snow piled up on streets throughout suburbs west of the city. The three-year pilot program, approved by the Illinois General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner in 2015, was launched in the wake of the polar vortex that plunged Chicago into a deep freeze during the winters of 2013 and 2014 and forced schools to cancel several days of instruction.”

How it works:

1. The school implements Learning Management System of their choice and provides the login to each student/parent.
2. The school upload relevant elearning course and assessment for the students.
3. On an e-Learning day, students need to login into the LMS at a specific time and continue self-learning.
4. Teachers can monitor the individual students through LMS and answer queries though forms and chat.
5. Students attempt the assessment.
6. The class gets over at the specific time.
7. Ther is a minimum loss of student hours. It also minimizes the burden on the teachers.

Can it be applied it to Corporate Scenario: In my opinion, it can be applied in corporate scenarios also when it is difficult for employees to commute to an office for any reason.

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