Carnival Pot Luck – Handpicked Blogs From E-Learning Companies Across the Globe

Photo by Francesca Hotchin on Unsplash
Photo by Francesca Hotchin on Unsplash

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Every Monday E-Learning Carnival brings you the freshly baked Blogs of the last week after a long tour from Inda to the northernmost point of Europe. Let’s start:

Carnival’s first stop was Skillsoft Blog where Kyle Gingrich, VP of IT and Certification at Skillsoft questions whether AI is Menace Or Marvel for mankind? He informs that the negativity around AI is so much that “IBM is re-inventing Artificial Intelligence calling it “Augmented Intelligence” and some Robotics vendors have done likewise, rebranding robots as “cobots” (collaborative robots) that work alongside, rather than replacing, humans. ”

Moving on we reach Halogen Blog where Julie Winkle is brickbatting the champions of Informal Online Learning where Practitioners think that creating a vast repository of knowledge for learners search and control their learning will keep them motivated. She is conducting a webinar with Chief Learning Officer magazine on February 28th to examine six myths of informal online learning.

Next in the carnival is Raluca Cristescu at Matrix LMS Blog. She is busy strategizing the employee retention with her 3 pronged mantra – Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. She has taken the clue from THE RSA video.

At Litmos Blog, we find our favorite Clark Quinn discussing “What is a true L&D professional?”. He stresses that knowledge, Processes and Continual Improvement are three most components of competent L&D professionals.

Our next destination is Crossknowledge Blog where Communication & Content Manager Leslie Tedgui finds how managers can create collective accountability in their teams. Managers can achieve success if they set a common understanding of accountability and let all team members be accountable collectively. Together, it’s possible to reach even higher levels of performance.

Straight from France, where Leslie lives, we head to the northernmost point of Europe in search of e-Learning with none other than e-Learning Brothers. The team went to North Cape, which is Europe’s official northernmost point, at 71°11′ 8″ N. The team found examples of eLearning ranging from “Why Do the Northern Lights Happen” to an interactive touchscreen educating about puffins. Watch it yourself.

Then we land back on Degreed’s blog where flamboyant Braden Thompson teaches 5 steps to establish a habit of learning.

Nikos Andriotis of eFront Learning talks about the Six Steps to Successful Channel Partner Training. He says that using a strategic approach to channel training to keep the channel partners on the same page and driving results is simple. He suggests aligning the partner enablement goals with organization’s KPIs. If empowering channel partners is your responsibility, this post is a must-read.

At G-Cube’s blog, Anubha Goel, explains Augmented And Virtual Reality with an exciting eLearning infographic and shows how AR & VR is used in Healthcare, Education & Automobile Industry.

Taking a cue, Nikos Andriotis of Talent LMS says that if done meticulously, Virtual Reality can work even better than real for enterprise training.

Elizabeth Honekamp at Kineo Blog talks about Interactive Videos and their journey till date. She says that Interactive Video is heading towards gamification using branching scenarios, quizzes, timers, and the like!.

Rachael Jones of TrainingFolks reiterates saying “Thank You” is still the most popular way of employee recognition.

Finally, after a long walk, e-Learning Carnival reaches Biz Library and reads 4 Questions All HR Professionals Should be Asking Themselves.

Now we are heading home. See you next Monday where we will explore the blogs about the use of Robots in Corporate Classrooms and real examples of Augmented Reality.

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