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Case Study: e-Learning Mobile App Saves Thousands of Dollar for a Machine Manufacturing Company

Client Overview

CNC Tools is a leading manufacturer of computerized machines, robotics, mechatronics, and other high-end manufacturing systems in Eurasia region. The company supplies a number of machines every month to manufacturers across the globe to automate their manufacturing processes.

The Problem Statement

CNC ships machines to the customers with printed installation manuals. As the machines are automatic, the customer’s technicians can easily install these machines and start operations. However, due to lack of awareness and reluctance to read the instructional manuals, they make several calls to support center for installation instructions. In several cases, they request the support staff to visit their premises to commission the machine. Customers pay the due payment to CNC only after commissioning is successful.


For a process that can be easily completed by customers, CNC has to set-up a dedicated team of phone support staff and field engineers. Additionally, they have to tie-up with the dealers to send their engineers to commission the machines at client’s location. The support costs CNC a large sum.

When support expenses skyrocketed, the Head of Customer support was mandated to control the support cost. The intra-team discussions pointed out that they need some customer education solution that can enable the customer’s technicians to complete the installation.

Search for a Solution

CNC Tools started a search for a solution. They consulted various software developers, App developers, etc. for a potential solution. They also contacted learning technology companies for a possible solution.

After several rounds of discussions with various organizations, they selected the solution pitched by an elearning company in India, called Learnnovators.


Technician Commissioning Machine with Mobile Support
Technician Commissioning Machine with Mobile Support

Learnnovators Team conducted surveys with the customer support staff, CNC’s customers, looked into the thousands of email queries and created a Mobile App based solution that contained microlearning videos, pdf documents, podcasts and infographics for educating the customer’s technicians and provide Just-in-time support.

By using the solution, the customer could save hundreds of dollars per machine and total cost saving crossed several thousand dollars per year.

In a ten-page case study, Learnnovator demonstrates how it solved a customer support problem using learning technology.

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