E-Learning Journal’s e-Learning Award for the Language Training category goes to Rosetta Stone and Siemens Professional Education


e-Learning Journal, Germany’s most popular community of Learning Practitioners has announced the winners of its annual e-Learning Awards 2018.

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Rosetta Stone Inc. & Siemens Professional Education combinedly have bagged eLearning AWARD 2018 in the Language Training category for the English in Education professional education program at Siemens’ headquarters in Germany.

Instead of resource-wearing classroom training, Siemens AG trainees and dual students can now learn English by using a smartphone while on the move.
Siemens AG trainees now learn English by using a smartphone

The award has been provided for Siemens’s Work-study program which helps approximately 8,800 apprentices to improve their skills in English Langauge. Siemens hires some 1,500 apprentices and work-study program participants and provides them training on administrative, technical, and IT-related fields. Efficiency in English is essential for driving efficiency from these programs.

Rosetta Stone Inc. has been the preferred Language Training provider for the Siemens Professional Education programs. The eLearning AWARD has been conferred for the project’s success and the cooperation between the two organizations.

E-Learning Journal will present these awards at the didacta Education Fair scheduled to be held on 20-24th February 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

Thomas Leubner, Chief Learning Officer at Siemens AG, said “We are pleased to receive the eLearning AWARD for our English language program. Our e-learning platform is designed to be very intuitive and diversified and, at the same time, very effective. Live sessions with native speakers also make the program highly interactive.”


Matt Hulett, President of Language, Rosetta Stone said “We’re proud of the successful partnership we’ve had with Siemens Professional Education over the years, and this award is a testament to both the effectiveness of our product and Siemen’s dedication to improving employees’ personal and professional development,”

Susan Michelchen, who works at Siemens Professional Education and holds a master’s degree in education management, adds, “We too are proud of the award. Above all, the support of the local learners and the continuous evaluation of their feedback contributed to the joint project’s success. In Rosetta Stone, Siemens Professional Education has found a partner at eye level who has accompanied us reliably from the start.”

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