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Artificial Intelligence in eLearning Delivered: 10 Companies that can transform the Learning Management with AI.

There has been a lot of buzz about the use of Artificial Intelligence in eLearning and how it can revolutionize the learning technology. However, an idea cannot make a significant impact unless it is executable and scalable.

In this article, we present ten companies that have developed learning technology solutions with Artificial Intelligence. Not only have they cleared the technology hurdles, but most have them have 8-10 use cases and clients. If you are looking for a solution, have a look at these too.

1. Syndicate LMS


It is First-ever Personalized Intelligent Virtual Learning Assistant for accelerated organizational growth. Visit the Website.

2. ClueLabs

CueLabs an AI Engine for eLearning. ClueLabs has been developed by eLearning Company that was founded in New York in 2010 as a full-service learning design and development agency. ClueLabs website does not have any content. On eLearning Company blog we found this must-read case study on AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson. Visit the Website.

3. Volley

Backed by such firms as Zuckerberg Ventures, and executives from Apple to Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley company has developed cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence for Learning. Volley’s AI-powered mobile learning hub makes training, development, and knowledge management more engaging, autonomous, intelligent, and effective than ever before. Volley effortlessly ingests existing marketing collateral, documentation, new training materials, regulations, announcements, factsheets, whitepapers, scripts, and more with a single click. Visit the Website.

4. Domoscio

Domoscio is a Edtech startup specialized in Big Data and artificial intelligence for learning which operates in France, Spain and the UK. Domoscio connects cognitive science, Big Data and AI to create adaptive learning solutions. It optimizes the assimilation and consolidation of knowledge to improve learning outcomes. Visit the Website.

5. Blue Canoe

This company helps non-native English speakers improve their pronunciation and business communication. Using machine learning and a proven brain-based methodology, its engaging app provides instant feedback and guides employees to speak more confidently and clearly. Blue Canoe is the English pronunciation expert. It works because it overcomes the brain’s resistance to perceiving new language sounds by using other “muscles” in the brain to help. It makes it fun to practice, detect the errors that matter, and provide personalized brain-friendly tips for quick progress. Visit the Website.

6. Sense

Personally tailored educational feedback is an essential component for learning. However, it is virtually impossible to provide personalized feedback to large numbers of students in courses with high-enrollment. Sense is an Artificial Intelligence solution that helps instructors provide personalized educational feedback to massive amounts of open-ended assignments. Visit the Website.

7. Wildfire

Paying 20k an hour for e-learning content, that takes months to make, that is laden with noisy pages of text/graphics, punctuated by low retention multiple-choice questions? WildFire takes any document, PowerPoint or video and turns it into online learning, within minutes, using AI. More than this, it uses effortful open-response learning to increase retention and recall. Beyond this it automatically curates links to content beyond the course and, in real time, can create online learning from this content. Visit the website.

8. 360AI

360AI provides solutions for educational providers who need to manage large amounts of learning content. Using proprietary AI technologies we extract meaning from unstructured content to increase discoverability and provide high-quality content recommendations and analytics. The 360AI APIs can transform a simple LMS instance into a personalized learning experience by providing standard learning analytics solutions and an adaptive learning engine. Visit the website.


Claned is a cloud-based learning platform that maximizes learning outcomes by combining artificial intelligence, collaborative learning, and world-class pedagogy. Claned is designed to capture data on every interaction learners make with the system. Interactions occur when learners read, write, collaborate, organize and plan – everything that learners do. On this basis Claned enables the creation of personalized learning paths for each student. Visit the Website.

10. Obie

Simply ask Obie a question, and he’ll instantly provide you with the answer. With Obie, all of your team members have access to an expert. Save time by avoiding repetitive questions, shoulder taps, and calls that halt your focus. Obie leverages machine learning technology to create a more relevant and personalized experience. The more you use Obie, the smarter he gets. Now you can have an expert that grows and scales with your internal knowledge. Visit the Website

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