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Expertus Offers First LMS with a Native Learning Record Store

Expertus announced that its enterprise-class LMS is now empowered with a built-in learning record store (LRS). This ensures a seamless integration between LMS & LRS.  The LRS has the same modern, easy to use design that the ExpertusONE LMS platform is celebrated for.

“We are always looking to add convenience and next-gen functionality to our learning management system,” explains Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO. “Having a native LRS is yet another example of this commitment and one of the reasons why our customers get so much value from their ExpertusONE platform.”

The ExpertusONE LRS makes it simple to find, record and manage all learning experiences using Experience API (xAPI) standards. The ExpertusONE LRS:

  • Provides an easy, standardized way to manage records for all learning engagements─eLearning, videos, games, virtual reality simulations and more
  • Collates these records for a complete, real-time snapshot of all user training activity and experiences
  • Raises LMS value with dashboard analytics that helps learning organizations evaluate learner engagement, improve training effectiveness and support adaptive learning experiences

“In addition to being built-in, what differentiates the ExpertusONE LRS are its rich data visualization capabilities and easy to use design,” said Ramani. “The power of an LRS is its ability to simplify the way you measure the return and impact of your learning investment. If it’s hard to pull data from an LRS or it’s not easy to understand its data, then this power is wasted. That’s why our LRS presents business-critical information at-a-glance with the industry’s most advanced analytics.”

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