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Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) rolls eLearning Initiative “Call It Out”.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a elearning program “Call It Out”. This new interactive eLearning program is a tool designed to raise awareness of the history and impact of racism and racial discrimination and to promote a culture of human rights in Ontario.

Call It Out is based on the OHRC’s Policy on preventing racism and racial discrimination, which focuses on practical examples and encourages dialogue around exclusion, discrimination and harassment based on race. The eLearning program is also an effective workplace resource, designed to complement employers’ existing diversity and inclusion training programs.

“Racism and racial discrimination are pervasive and a continuing reality for many Ontarians. This is unacceptable,” says OHRC Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane. “Before we can stop racial discrimination, we have to understand what racism is and how it can violate human rights. Call It Out is a step in identifying, understanding and ending racism and racial discrimination.”

“The Commission’s new eLearning program is a great resource for identifying and addressing racism,” says Steve Orsini, Head of the Ontario Public Service. “Every member of the Ontario Public Service will have the opportunity to access this training as part of our internal Anti-Racism Policy. By tackling systemic racism head-on, we can achieve our goal of building a more inclusive, equitable and respectful workplace.”

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