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Augmented Reality Getting Closer to Teachers and Students

With the help of market leaders like Google, Augmented reality is gearing up towards the classroom due to the reduction in the cost of ownership and implementation.

Google Expedition’s AR promises to bring the realities of the World into hands of students. With its extensive capabilities, it can demonstrate the mega-events like the hurricane as well as magnify the miniature DNA and allow students to immerse into educational content. They can move it, rotate it, expand it, minimize it, squeeze it – possibilities are immense.

Teachers and Education technologists can then use Google’s AR technology to place 3D objects into the classrooms which can be viewed using smart devices like phones and tablets. This allows the students to experience a phenomenon, purpose or principle as if it was placed in the middle of the classroom.

Google has partnered with hundreds of organization like Universities, Museums, Not-For-Profit to create virtual trips to places, objects, and concepts.

When this massive amount of AR content is available to teachers, the cost of implementing AR will drop drastically.

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