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Hughes, Maruti Partnership Creates Robust Training Programme

Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading automobile manufacturer has partnered with Hughes Networks in India to create a digital training academy at the Maruti plant in Gurgaon. This has today evolved and expanded into a robust training infrastructure with over 100 classroom sites that spans the entire workforce ecosystem – from employees to partners. Supported by satellite broadband enabled connectivity and incorporating an interactive training module, the Maruti Digital Training Academy is a successful example of how Maruti is helping meet the need for appropriate training for employees and partners to help them better prepared for the future.

Mukesh Gupta Maruti Suzuki

Mukesh Gupta, vice president, Training Academy, Maruti Suzuki and Shivaji Chatterjee, senior vice president, Enterprise, Hughes Communications India Ltd spoke with Hindustan Times about this partnership and what it means for the industry.

Why has Maruti suzuki partnered with Hughes Communications in India to create a digital training academy at Maruti’s Gurgaon plant ?
Mukesh Gupta: At Maruti Suzuki we have always tried to engage with partners offering latest technology to meet our business needs. W partnered with Hughes to put up state of the art web studio, The facility has helped us reach our employees and trainees pan India. Also, we use technology to share latest service practices with our employees. As part of the MOU with the Hughes we have also trained our workforce for mission two million by 2020.

Shivaji Chatterji Huges

: People development and capability building, across functions and levels, has always been a key to successful growth of any organization. With strong business growth, Maruti needed to have skilled manpower in all aspects of Maruti’s growing business. Following the innovative approach, Maruti was looking to invest in technology based solution which is stable, proven, and scalable and Hughes high-end enterprise connectivity solutions were found suitable to meet the critical connectivity requirements. To provide “live” training across their distribution chain including company factories and offices, as well as key dealer outlets, Maruti Suzuki Training Academy was inaugurated in December 2012. Apart from capability building interventions, the training academy also serves to encourage employees to be health consciousness and spread awareness around road safety.

How does this training programme work and how many people does it impact?

Mukesh Gupta: We at Maruti Suzuki Training Academy have installed a two-way communication at our web studio. With VSAT technology we can reach our partners without any lag and have covered more than 1 lakh trainees through our education programs at our ITIS. This way we have reached society and our employees and value chain. Further we have tried to inculcate Suzuki’s best practices at all our locations.

Shivaji Chatterjee: The Maruti Suzuki digital training academy is based on interactive delivery platform supported through a high-powered Ku- band satellite network by Hughes Communications. The learning eco-system is being transformed and endowed with e-learning modules and web based trainings to cater to employees across locations through an interactive web studio at Maruti Suzuki Training Academy. The highend interactive platform allows Maruti’s trainers to have high quality, interactive, real-time and two-way engagement with dispersed participants across the most remote locations individually or simultaneously. In partnership with Hughes, the training facilities and module are designed not only to benefit the employees at Maruti but also the entire value chain including dealers, community and educational institutions (ITI’S). In 2017 itself, the training programme reached out more than 74000 people with different learning requirements.

How will this partnership impact Maruti’s overall business?

Mukesh Gupta: With the installed technology we have reduced the cost and as well our response time for various functions has also come down tremendously. We are using this fast moving and flexible technology for upgrading the capability of our resources

Shivaji Chatterjee: Hughes has a long standing partnership with Maruti that goes back to 2012. From a single classroom facility, the infrastructure has grown today that supports more than 30 office locations, and support for more than 150 ITI’S. One of the key highlights being that Maruti Suzuki sponsored ITIS have compared significantly better to other ITI’S on both fronts including – student engagement and learning.

(Source: Hindustan Times Initiative)

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