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Expertus Adds Observation Checklist to ExpertusONE Digital Learning Platform

Santa Clara, CA – Sept. 18, 2018 – Expertus continues to expand its ExpertusONE Digital Learning Platform with the addition of an observation checklist. Designed to help learning organizations assure competency in real-time with digital, on-the-job performance monitoring and assessment, ExpertusONE’s Observation Checklistalso helps them:

  • Meet digital transformation initiatives─by eliminating the need for costly and inefficient, paper-based evaluations
  • Observe, track and assess skills in the field─to accurately determine employee competency
  • Record competency performance data within the LMS─then collate this data with other learning information for deeper reporting insights

“Tracking employee performance on-the-job or in the field can be challenging,” said Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO. “However, with ExpertusONE’s Observation Checklist, you can now easily solve the disconnect between online and real-world training. It’s yet another way Expertus uses digital technology to simplify learning’s use and access, while amplifying our customers’ training results.”

Observation Checklist automates the review and management of any in-person training─including field-based or on-the-job training, mentoring and skills supervision. Using a digital checklist of tasks, managers, instructors or mentors can conveniently observe a learner’s progress and accurately assess their mastery of skills upon training completion.

ExpertusONE’s digital checklists are also highly customizable. So, users can:

  • Quickly create hundreds of unique evaluations specific to a learner or group’s competency training needs
  • Group these checklists into categories to be leveraged in various ways across the LMS

> Learn more about ExpertusONE’s Observation Checklist.

“Unlike other observation checklists that reside in external systems, ExpertusONE’s functionality is native to the LMS. So, any performance data can be easily merged and analyzed with other learning data,” explained Ramani. “Not only does this save time and eliminate errors, but it also gives our customers better, deeper insights into their workforce’s competency and overall learning program’s success.”

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