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CrossKnowledge Among the “Vendor SmartList™” of Software Solutions That Help Build Better Leadership Brain

The Vendor SmartList™, authored by Amalgam Insights Research Fellow Todd Maddox, Ph.D., takes on added significance given the increasing number of news reports about inappropriate conduct by corporate leaders or the lack of trained behavioral skills among a company’s employees.

“Companies must continuously educate their workers, top to bottom, about the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and ‘feel’ of effective leadership by leveraging brain science to ensure that their behavior doesn’t land them in trouble,” Todd Maddox says. “CrossKnowledge’s Path to Performance uses digital solutions that can combine with facilitator training and a dedicated dashboard to provide effective leadership training paths.

We believe our positioning in the Vendor SmartList™ by Amalgam Insights confirms our unique approach and highlights our innovation in the market,” said Danish Khan, Product Marketing Manager, CrossKnowledge. “We are committed to providing our clients with solutions that not only ensure that they fill this critical skills gap, but that they also generate sustainable transformation. Our innovative and engaging learning experiences deliver results, and that’s our ultimate goal

About CrossKnowledge

With more than 12 million users in 130 countries, CrossKnowledge is one of the world’s leading distance learning providers. CrossKnowledge solutions apply to companies and organizations of all sizes, successfully helping them execute their strategies, measurably developing competencies for each of their employees. They are built using world renowned content, social and mobile technology training expertise integrating the latest in educational research, and more than 18 years of experience and best practices for deployment. Since 2014, CrossKnowledge is part of the Wiley group.

About Amalgam Insights

Amalgam Insights (AI) is a consulting and strategy firm focused on the transformative value of Technology Consumption Management and managing the financial, operational, and human challenges of Digital Transformation. AI helps vendors with strategy, product roadmap, thought leadership, and messaging challenges. AI helps enterprises with vendor selection across our coverage areas. And AI helps investors conduct due diligence on private equity and venture capital investments.

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