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Learnnovators launches the world’s first chat-bot powered e-Learning course in Articulate Storyline

Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative e-learning solutions, announces that it has launched the world’s first chatbot-powered e-learning course in Articulate Storyline. The chatbot powered course named DISHA, comprises two elements:

The e-learning course: The e-Learning course is highly interactive and scenario-driven, and offers strategies to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, and deal with it in the workplace. The course contains four modules, each one presented through a series of scenarios, designed to help learners understand the subject matter in the context of real-life situations..

DISHA the Learning Guide: This is an AI-enabled chatbot which is built around and sits on top of the e-learning course. Disha helps people learn about the subject in the most natural way – by chatting. The chatbot is available in two forms:

  • Within the course, DISHA answers questions related to the subject matter and ways to prevent it. Using smart suggestion boxes, it guides new learners even in asking questions, thereby ensuring that they don’t feel lost by the open nature of a chat conversation. It also helps learners learn the subject on their own without being restricted to the course’s navigational structure.
  • The chatbot is also available outside the course, wherein it can be accessed on the web or via a mobile phone. Here, it acts as a quick reference, helping learners refer the content after completing the course, by providing answers to quick queries, thereby saving them the trouble of logging into the course all over again for minor clarifications. Here too, it uses smart suggestion boxes to guide learners who may feel lost in the format of an open conversation.

Project Disha is aimed at organizations in India looking to make their workplace safer for women, and to be compliant with the Act.

To view a demo of the chatbot, please write to Pearl Grace at or fill the form given below.

View Demo of Chat-bot Powered Course

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