Strategic Skills Board job for eCom Scotland’s Managing Director

Wendy Edie, Managing Director of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom, has joined the Strategic Skills Board of ScotlandIS, the body that builds,...

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Meet Travis Clapp, CEO of Opentute LMS – A Humanised Online Learning Experience

Learning Carnival’s Gireesh Sharma had a chance to interview Travis Clapp , the CEO of Opentute, a fresh entrant in the LMS Marketplace. Addressing some common problems of existing LMSs, Opentute is developed by Travis Clapp and his wife Katya Komarova in South Australia.

Please tell us something about your professional journey. How did you start your career and your achievements in the past?

I started out with a bachelors degrees in mathematical and computer sciences before studying everything from art and acting to English teaching and finally a master of interactive multimedia at the University of Technology, Sydney. Having then worked in learning, training and instructional design for over seven years (whilst running IT company, I found there were numerous issues with existing learning platforms.

How did Opentute happen? What bothered/motivated you to develop Opentute as a Social Learning Platform?

While working at The University of Adelaide (edX project), I had a breakthrough idea about how we might connect learners with experts for on-demand, more modern blended learning. I quit my current role and started on a journey that hasn’t stopped since: to create the ultimate on-demand, humanised online learning experience.It’s often when we make mistakes or fail that we learn the most deeply and that’s when we need a guide – unfortunately with much online learning, it’s when we most need this guidance that it’s not there. Social, democratised learning to the rescue! Let’s face it, whether it’s at work or play we’re all addicted to some form of social media – why not embed these features into learning to create the kind of experience we all long for as part of the learner journey?

Why do you think among such a crowded market place of learning tools, can Opentute can shine like a star?

While there are many tools out there, we have found the socialised learning space is a new market with little competition. The trick is to educate the market about why humanised learning experiences can help not only their staff with culture, learning and collaboration but also better enable clients with the learnings they need, along with engagement for cyclical journeys.

What are the key features of OpenTute that shall be considered pathbreaking?

Checkpoints: We have embedded social tools into every part of the learning experience, from versatile learning channels, groups through to assessment via messaging. This means it’s much easier to not only submit work on the fly but also to assess it!
100% Mobile: we have design the user experience for not only learners but admins and content creators and believe the future is mobile and agile, on-demand learning. Many competitors think of mobile as an add-on and even then miss offering many features. We have designed everything for the mobile experience first and larger screens second, to ensure the user experience suits any context and requirement.
Integrations: As well as only the second integration with events sales platform, we are now listed on Zapier – automation of posts and enrolments with apps like Eventbrite, Calendly and Hubspot are a great differentiator from our competitors in white label social learning solutions.

How many customers have you acquired so far? How is the response of the existing customers?

We have acquired around 20 customers so far with 2,700 active users. In particular, training providers and end users have found the learning experience seamless, intuitive and easy – not only learners, but content creators, facilitators and administrators.

What are the new innovations that will decide the future of learning?

Artificial Intelligence will enable more intuitive automated content creation, further reducing much of the pain of custom course creation, suggestions and even topic based automated coaching. The ability to synchronise with other systems will become more and more important, which is why we have listed Opentute in the Zapier store.

What is your vision for the organization? Is it backed up by investors or privately funded?

We are 95% privately funded through bootstrapping, with some funding as part of an accelerator program, at Slingshot.

What is your go-to-market strategy for Opentute?

We are working with channel partners interested in earning ongoing commissions, much like XERO has done with accountants. If you are interested in joining us as we scale, please get in touch!

What is the future of eLearning industry in general?

The future of elearning is bright, with a focus on AI, machine learning, gamification and virtual reality.

Why should organizations switch to Opentute?

Opentute’s vision is to enable anyone to learn anywhere. We are doing this by targeting and then supporting the growth of learning capabilities with clients and partners in various sectors and markets. For example, we have recently launched a Russian version for a client in Moscow, we are working with a client providing scalable training in the circular economy in India, and working with Adelaide University and the WHO Collaborating Centre to train health professionals globally in managing addiction. Longer term, we will enable an open marketplace across all portals and sectors with AI to better automate content creation, distribution, and engagement.

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