Strategic Skills Board job for eCom Scotland’s Managing Director

Wendy Edie, Managing Director of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom, has joined the Strategic Skills Board of ScotlandIS, the body that builds,...

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The Future of Computing is Optical

The future emerging technology which is going to open the doors to every impossible task in terms of speed is optical computing.

We know how data is transferred from one computer to another or how it flows inside the cables – it’s all in the form of electrons. he Data is transferred in the of binary either in “0” or “1”.

You know how speed changes in terms of which technology upgrades and it’s a very deep and simple concept to understand when we reduce the distances between the capacitors and minimize the resistance between them speed increases due to which speed enhances.

This is a concept now how it is drastically changing is an amazing concept and Engineers are working on it and has even created a Demo model to test.

The electrons which is used to carry the data is getting replaced by photons. Photons means the Speed of light and it improvised by a larger bandwidth as compared to electrons.

The major features of this technology are:

  • One of the major reason to introduce optical computing was that we can delay the light by passing it to optical fiber
  • In optical means “light” so we can split it into multiple sub rays this will be helpful to evaluate multiple solutions at same time.
  • The basic idea to reduce the speed of light was to solve the NP complete problem which can only be solved in polynomial time on a turing machine in which reads and writes problem one at a time on a endless tape with a strict set of rules.
  • In optical computing what we do is we compile and process data in the combination of zero’s and one’s.Parallel computing which takes time is resolved in optical computing in seconds.
    • For eg-010,001101.
  • Resonators are especially useful in photonic logic, since they allow a build-up of energy from constructive interference, it means when two waves superimpose and provides a resultant wave thus enhancing optical nonlinear effects.
  • Travelling salesman problem is even resolved in this we are allowed to traverse a city only once soo in this what we do is we generate the path and store then the form of binary matrix and multiply with the distances present between the city in grayscale vector and is multiplied.The multiplication is done optically by optical transistor.

The data is processed in optical domain instead of electronic domain. So imagine the data will be transferred at the speed of light and it will open all bars.

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