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Google’s new encryption technique is called “Adiantum”.

Everyone one is being smarter these days by carrying the latest smartphone in their pocket that is fully loaded with the ample of apps which can do your hefty tasks within a short while but by being smart we are forgetting that, are storage files which are present in the smartphone secure? Is your Android device secure and is not hackable by people? Privacy and security take a new level of importance every couple of years. Perhaps no company knows this better than Google, with it’s Android system powering not just high-end smartphones but also their low-end smartphones.

To address the encryption technique on this requirement and to fulfill the dosseir of every individual.

Google has come with a new form of encryption technique called “Adiantum”. Firstly what is encryption? In general and simple terms not going into many technicalities, it encrypts your data inside the mobile phone into a safe format which human cannot understand.

For eg- “hello” can be encrypted into 5d41402abc4b2a (which is a strong combination of alpha-numeric characters).

There are two basic encryption techniques :-

  • Symmetric – which uses the same key for both encryption and decryption.
  • Asymmetric – which uses the different key for both encryption and decryption.

Android uses “AES” (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption standard which isn’t compatible for low-end as they don’t have hardware support such as entry-level Android Go, along with smartwatches and TV.

Encryption takes a lot of memory and works on symmetric key encryption technique but now Google’s all-new Adiantum which is nearly five times faster on AES which works on Cortex-A7 processor.

Adiantum works on 4096- byte sectors which take approximately 10.6 clock cycles per byte to encrypt and decrypt data, going into the microprocessor terms to make this thing a bit more clear it is a decent way to measure the performance of the cryptographic functions.

Adiantum works on ChaCha Stream cipher is much faster than AES where hardware acceleration is unavailable while also being extremely secure. It will even update the Android Compatibility Definition Document , to require all Andriod devices to be encrypted using one of the allowed encryption algorithms.

In Adiantum, it works on first hashing the entire plain text. This hash produces a nonce for the ChaCha encryption (temporarily produces a hash text), we hash again so that we can have the same strength in the decryption direction as in encryption direction.

So, Adiantum offers Storage Encryption which protects your data when your phone falls into someone else’s hand without encrytption acceleration which ensures that all the devices can be encrypted.

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