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GDPR Essentials e-learning course launched by Engage in Learning

To coincide with the first anniversary of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the e-learning supplier, Engage in Learning, has released a new GDPR Essentials e-learning course.

Since 25th May 2018, Europe has been covered by GDPR – the world’s strongest data protection rules. These rules aim to modernise laws that protect individuals’ personal information.

In particular, GDPR affects how businesses and public sector organisations can handle their customers’ information. It also boosts the rights of individuals and gives them more control over their information.

Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning’s Managing Director, said, “Our original GDPR e-learning programme, which is available in various languages, proved especially popular with organisations in the financial services, IT and retail industries. Indeed, the programme has become one of our most popular e-learning courses – selling several hundred copies, as our customers use it as a key part of their regular induction, or onboarding, programmes.”

The new Engage in Learning course – GDPR Essentials – has been updated to include, among other things, additional information on data incidents and breaches. It also has a new course structure and, using an interactive day-in-the-life scenario, allows learners to identify different types of personal data on the way to work, at work and at home.

“GDPR Essentials is designed as an introduction to the GDPR, its impact on how personal data is handled within organisations and the implications for employees,” explained Kate Carter, Engage in Learning’s Marketing Manager. “It’s intended for anyone working in, or for, organisations that handle individuals’ personal data in the EU.”

The course explores the need for personal data protection; outlines the important highlights of the GDPR, and identifies key terms and definitions related to the GDPR. It identifies and discusses aspects of personal data including biometric, online and geolocation identifiers.

Among other things, it also describes special category personal data; summarises key processing activities; outlines the key principles of the GPDR – as well as how to recognise and report possible personal data incidents and breaches.

“Learners will also be introduced to how to respond to a subject access request and the consequences of non-compliance with the GDPR,” Kate Cater added.

“Regardless of what happens over the UK’s on-going relationship with the EU, the GDPR – or its successors – is here to stay. Consequently, a competent working knowledge of the principles and practice of GDPR is a key requirement for a great many people.

“That means that e-learning programmes, such as Engage in Learning’s ‘GDPR Essentials’, should be a key learning requirement, not just at induction, or onboarding, but also at regular ‘refresher’ intervals throughout a working career,” she said.

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