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Latsco Marine Management Inc. trusts its training on SQLearn’s e-learning system

We are pleased to announce that Latsco Marine Management has chosen SQLearn’s innovative e-learning system and e-learning courses for its entire fleet of 27 vessels. SQLearn is the first to use e-learning for the advancement of maritime training with flexible, interactive and reflective learning techniques. Its Dolphin System, a web-based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry, is offered via the Dolphin Box, a hardware solution for onboard training, while the ashore installation allows the Training manager to manage and monitor the training process across the fleet in real time.

“Latsco Marine Management Inc. encourages and supports the use of e-learning to improve human factors and maritime safety. Being in a position, where exceptional leadership should be tangible we are trying to deepen our Impact, among others, through innovative training solutions. With SQLearn, we are able to train our personnel effectively and at the same time manage easily all training activities” says Mr. Kostas Vlachos, Latsco Marine Management Inc, COO.
SQLearn’s Dolphin Box can be used either as an e-learning dedicated mini server or as a workstation. Functioning as a server, users can access e-learning courses within the vessel’s local network using their own PCs or dedicated workstations. When Dolphin Box is paired with a keyboard/mouse and a screen it can be used as a dedicated workstation. Using either methods Dolphin Box allows users to access stored e-learning courses while their activity is synchronized with the ashore cloud installation.

“We’re really excited to be working with Latsco Marine Management Inc., one of the most dominant operators of an international fleet of Oil tankers and LPG carriers. SQLearn provides a modern way to improve safety for maritime. Our interactive e-learning courses cover the training needs of the shipping companies and our unique e-learning system make training easily accessible”, highlights Mr. Spyros Goumas, SQLearn’s CEO.

A Greek company founded in 2006, SQLearn is a specialized provider of e-learning services, including custom e-learning solutions, integrated Learning Management Systems development, instructional design and custom e-learning content development, game-based learning, serious games development, 3D training simulations, mobile learning, and e-learning consultancy services.
SQLearn created Dolphin Platforms, a complete suite of specialized services for the shipping industry. Dolphin Platforms include a range of innovative and effective products, using flexible, interactive and reflective learning techniques.
SQLearn’s e-learning facilities and e-learning courses are certified according to relevant ABS standards and to ISO 9001:2015.
Source: SQLearn

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