Strategic Skills Board job for eCom Scotland’s Managing Director

Wendy Edie, Managing Director of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom, has joined the Strategic Skills Board of ScotlandIS, the body that builds,...

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LE-AP, an AI-based Learning Experience Platform

LE-AP is an AI-driven learning experience platform that brings enterprise learning to life not just by making the entire process very interactive and engaging but also making it very flexible. So, each individual can learn at their own pace and find the help they need when they need it. And, the AI component continues to improve the process, adapting to the needs and preferences of the learners.

LE-AP is an integrated, disruptive digital learning ecosystem that a business can customize and deploy very quickly, and in a cost-effective way. Consider this learning experience platform (LXP) “as a service,” which eases the creation and implementation of corporate training programs that pique the interest of employees and motivates learners.


  • Informal Training
  • Learning Material Not Responsive To Learner Behaviour
  • Low Adaption And Engagement
  • Complexity Of LMSs

Benefits of LE-AP

  • Enhances learning experience througha seamless integration with most standard LMSs.
  • Allows learners to convert documents into ‘trackable’ content to follow progress in the module.
  • Uses Kea an AI-powered learning facilitator to simplify the learning process andprovide the most relevant content.
  • Captures learners’ responses to predict course efficacy,learning patterns and preferred content format.
  • Uses NLP to auto-generate meta-tags for documents,images, videos, presentations etc. to improve recommendations and search results.
  • User ratings help determine usage as well as capture feedback to help improve content quality & relevance.
  • Comes with an attractive and easily navigable UI.

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