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Wunderlist Offers To Purchase Back The App From Microsoft

Microsoft’s acquisition of the Wunderlist group is creating friction years after the very fact. The founder of 6 Wunderkinder, Christian Reber, has offered to purchase back the task app to stop Microsoft from shutting it down. There are individuals who “nonetheless love and use it,” Reber defined, and this might keep away from their wrath, whereas Microsoft shifts its focus to its To-Do app. Microsoft might keep the group and its priorities — the developer desires his satisfaction and pleasure to stay intact.

Reber added that he had “nothing however gratitude” for Microsoft and that he was merely unhappy Wunderlist did not go as planned.

It is a thorny scenario for Microsoft. Wunderlist’s cloud options nonetheless run on Amazon Web Services as an alternative of Azure, as noted. However, Microsoft cannot simply pull the plug after saying it could solely shut down Wunderlist as soon as To-Do had feature parity. On the same time, selling Wunderlist to Reber would create its problems — To-Do would have a direct competitor utilizing rival services. The founder planned to enhance it if he did get control, together with improved performance, new options, and open-source code.

Whereas there are not any indications Microsoft is about to take up Reber’s request, this does illustrate the blended outcomes of the company’s app acquisition spree. Microsoft fared effectively when it snapped up Acompli to bolster Outlook on mobile. The buyout of Sunrise, nonetheless, was much less well-received — individuals lamented the loss of Sunrise Calendar at the same time as its features discovered their way into Outlook. The Wunderlist buy is somewhere in between. Microsoft might have gone out of its way to keep Wunderlist alive. However, its risk of pulling the app has made some individuals nervous.

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