2020: A transformational year for learning

Amidst the turmoil and tragedy, Agata Nowakowska has found some of the positives from last year.  The pandemic and resultant lockdowns have offered a remarkable catalyst...

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Ten Significant eLearning Startups in India, Delhi Region, Year 2019

It’s a startup time for eLearning Industry. India’s capital Delhi is host to several elearning startups.  Many launched by the staff from established e-Learning Companies like NIIT, G-Cube, InfoPro, Liqvid etc. 

Why to try them: I believe these startups can provide great quality solutions with comparatively lower cost than market. Additionally they offer better passion and dedication with an agile response to customer needs.

Here is a list of ten elearning startup companies that can play a significant role in the coming years by offering innovative solutions to the market.



A.    Dynamic Pixels

Started as a K-12 company, Dynamic Pixels is now serving large corporates too.

Visit Website: https://www.dynamicpixel.co.in/

B.    Syndicate Learning

Supported by several experienced professionals, this company boasts of the widest range of elearning services including AI BasedLMS.

Visit Website: https://syndicatelearning.com/

C.    Innovera Solutions

Launched by Ex-G-cube Professionals, Innovera Solutions is looking to lead the video based learning markets.

Visit Website: http://www.innoverasolutions.in/

D.    Blitz Learning

Started by a mix team of grey hairs and young turks, Blitz Learning has a good presence in Middle East.

Visit Website: https://www.blitzlearning.in/

E.    A K technology

Located in NOIDA, AK technology was started by a group of mid-level management from G-Cube. The company has a very high potential to impact the elearning Industry.

Visit Website: http://aktechnology.co.in/

F.     Sagita Learning

Sagita Learning has been founded by professionals from InfoPro, Knowledge Synonyms and Thomson Digital Learning Solutions.

Visit Website: https://www.sagitalearning.com/

G.    Tech Learning

With little presence over Internet, this organization has completed several significant projects and we have heard they have a killer pricing.

Visit Website: http://www.tech-learning.in/

H.    Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies located in Gurgaon, India promised to provide all services under one roof.

Visit Website: https://creativtechnologies.com/

I.    eWorkz

Founded by two NIIT professionals this 15+ employee company looking promising by the way they approach elearning as a solution.

Visit Website: http://eworkz.co.in/


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