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SAP Litmos Helps Company Improve Training

The rise of e-commerce has impacted in-store shopping in so many ways. Now, memorable customer experience can make a big difference. But for sales clerks to be able to deliver memorable service for customers, they need to get access to the right tools and training.

McKinsey, a management consultancy, said:

“Every leading customer-experience company has motivated employees who embody the customer and brand promise in their interactions with consumers, and are empowered to do the right thing.”

With that, The Walking Company, with headquarters located in Westlake Village, California, invested a lot for their employees’ training. But what was their approach?

In their old approach, they used manuals and memos. They also tried using visual materials that started from an hour-long video that was reduced to as short as three minutes. But regardless of their efforts to improve existing training materials, the retention rates were low.

Barry Weinstein, The Walking Company’s VP for training and business development, created a gamification system. The gamification system effectively engages its workforce, inspires them, keeps them loyal and engages them to provide great experience to customers.

Weinstein said:

“We think of our employee as our customer. They are the face of the brand and need to be intimate with our brand to keep people shopping with us. That’s under-appreciated in retail. Most companies are racing to the bottom in price but we’ve investing in the experience.”

SAP has a culture of valuing employee’s well-being; hence, it includes paying attention to opportunities that promote learning and development. For The Walking Company’s case, they turned to SAP Litmos for its gamification features. SAP Litmos is a learning management software provider that is part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio of CRM solutions.

Weinstein explained the need for the sales team to receive training and use the knowledge to provide life-changing experiences for their customers.

The company then set-up gamification programs by utilising a behavior-based training model. The program allows employees to receive points for enacting new behaviors and learning activities. These points can be redeemed by participating in prizes or selecting point value gifts.

SAP Litmos made significant impact as reported by Weinstein. And to keep things fresh, the educational materials are updated monthly. With regards to the training through SAP, Weinstein shared:

“SAP Litmos has given me a way to put my philosophy into action, which is to make training fun and engaging. Now people are knowledge-rich and empowered to make business decisions — and better sales.”

Weinstein added:

“The difference is the experience offered to customers. Whoever does it right, earns the customer. And that will determine who will be around longer.”

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