‘Technical Twist’ at Bachpan Play School and Ahps


MUMBAI: In order should our students survive in post-primary and secondary education and further in the business world, they must know, understand and keep abreast with technological developments.  There are 5 technologically advanced gadgets that have revolutionized the preschool and formal school education sector at Bachpan and AHPS. VR Virtual Reality is the new 3D viewing experience that augments real time learning while sitting at a designated place like a classroom. Speak O Pen Friendship is what is left behind in this virtual world filled with technological gadgets. Robotime Robotics is an automation and compilation of blocks and several other components in the Robotime Kit. Pritab E-Learning is an important skill. It is at the base of technology. Smart Classes at all the Bachpan and AHPS schools, is a power packed learning tool for kids at all level of classes. Smart Class is a huge white screen with an attached projector. This enables children to have a visual delight even from the last bench of the classroom. It is also attached with audio speakers to enhance the audibility of the content. Teachers here play rhymes, videos, acts and much more. 

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