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Coronavirus: Dallas School District Gives Guidance On At-Home Learning

“We want to make sure that all parents and students have all the information and resources available to succeed through this transition.”

Even with the indefinite closure of schools, Dallas ISD continues its commitment to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

Students will begin at-home learning on Monday, March 23. We want to make sure that all parents and students have all the information and resources available to succeed through this transition.

We spoke about at-home learning with Shannon Trejo, deputy chief of Dallas ISD’s Teaching and Learning department, and with Jack Kelanic, Dallas ISD chief technology officer.

The first thing that parents need to know is that we’re here to support you during this time of transition,” Trejo said. “We want to be patient, we want to be flexible, we want to express grace in this time, and we want for you to know that we’re here to help.”

Dallas ISD’s secondary students (middle school and high school) will engage in online-learning coursework that their teachers will provide through their district-issued devices. Elementary students will continue their learning through at-home activities.

The district has facilitated a website to guide at-home learning where elementary and secondary students and parents can receive guidance. Whether you’re the parent looking for a reading assignment for your third-grade student or a high school sophomore looking to turn in a project, this website will provide you all the details to succeed in your learning.

“This is a big transition for all of us,” Kelanic said. “Nearly all of our staff in the IT department will be working remotely, and we’re committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for our parents, students and teachers.”

Please read this carefully and visit the links that we’ve provided to get up to date with these latest learning models.

At-home learning for secondary students

Middle school and high school teachers will be able to deliver instruction remotely, mainly by using Google Classroom and the PowerSchool learning management system. The district has the systems in place, and the instructional division is providing lesson plans and training to educators on the learning management platforms.

Students can access these on their own, using these devices and their username and password.

Dallas ISD uses approximately 50 instructional applications beyond Google Classroom and PowerSchools. Students can access these applications through the Clever portal. They students can use these apps to explore on their own, and teachers may use these systems to assign work that complements their lessons.

The Technology Department is evaluating means of facilitating direct communication between the students and their teachers, such as telephone communications and web conferencing.

For further information on at-home learning for secondary school students, please visit this link.

At-Home Learning for elementary students (Pre-K – 5th)

Elementary at-home instruction will be geared toward more traditional learning, as opposed to digital.

The Teaching and Learning department has recommended activities in each core content area that will help students continue their learning from home. The district’s at-home learning website offers a link with instructions for parents and educational content for every grade level.

In addition, students who have internet access at home can have access to approximately 50 instructional applications through the Clever portal.

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