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Constructive e-learning during lockdown

Adopting novel ways to continue with the learning process, schools are using technology to the optimum to keep the students engaged at home so they may learn constructive things.

In the wake of the lockdown to prevent COVID-19 pandemic from community spread, everything including schools are closed. In fact, they closed a week before the lockdown. Adopting novel ways to continue with the learning process, schools are using technology to the optimum to keep the students engaged at home so they may learn constructive things.

La Martiniere Girls College (LMGC) is using this lockdown period for constructive learning. Principal Aashrita Dass said, “Our teachers are preparing assignments and activities. The assignments are based on child’s present academic year (2020-2021) curriculum and have bene linked to our college website. These assignments will be checked by the teachers when the regular classes resume. This form of learning is new for us but parents and teachers are working together to make this endeavour successful,” she said.

Parents are happy with the move by the school. Hina Khan, mother of class VI student Sania Khan, said, “I

appreciate this innovative move of teaching learning drill initiated by LMGC. It is not exactly a virtual class but yet another way of keeping my daughter engaged in constructive mode of learning. The school in a message said it will soon send us a link where we may access the assignments.”

Modern School, Aliganj, the only IB School of Lucknow, too has resorted to online learning. School’s founder Rakesh Kapoor, management and staff members came up with online teaching by using the school’s mobile app Lernio.

“Using our school app, teachers are uploading a daily time table of the students which is a mix of healthy routine, inquiry and learning. We all are working from home with full enthusiasm and appreciation messages by the parents has motivated us further,” he says.

Study Hall was one of the first movers for learning through WhatsApp groups. “We are creating a lot of material with the teachers’ personal videos teaching the chapter supported by links to YouTube and other sources,” said school’s principal Shalini Sinha.

Their teachers are creating their own power point presentations and using story-telling in different ways to deliver the content in a creative and personalized manner. “Right from Class 1 to 12 content is being prepared. We are going to use Google Classrooms and Zoom for conduction of live classes with the senior classes,” she said.

Since the session was to begin from the April 7 and the shops are closed so the students are without the book for the new class. “We are creating the PDF of the text and sending them to the children. Besides, we are not just restricting ourselves to the subjects but are also sending songs, art and craftwork to the children. They are also being taught yoga. We are finding our feet with online teaching slowly but steadily,” Sinha added.

City Montessori School has also done the e-learning. All campuses are teaching its students online through desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

School’s president Geeta Kingdon said, “We are using ‘Google Classroom Platform’. CMS teachers are posting learning materials and assignments covering the courses of students through which the students are able to solve their problems and queries and continue their studies.”

She said that the students of pre-primary, primary and junior classes are now connected through e-learning and they are utilising their precious time in completing their Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English assignments.

Kingdon said teachers and workers for working tirelessly in preparing study materials and assignments for students and posting them on the platform.

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