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Department of Tourism offers e-learning to hospitality professionals

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (DOT) has transitioned two professional development workshops to an e-learning platform. Led by the PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence) training team of the DOT, each webinar will be presented on an easy to use digital platform.

The platform will be open for registration beginning Tuesday, 21 April 2020. The webinars will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am and will run for 45 minutes each. These new e-learning courses are geared towards anyone wanting to continue their professional development in the hospitality industry.

“The people in our dynamic tourism industry are the heart of our success, and while we are in a period where our tourism sector is being hit hard because of the global pandemic COVID-19, I am proud to offer these learning tools as a step in helping us prepare for a successful rebound when that time comes,” shared Hon Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell.  “I encourage our tourism community to take advantage of these learning opportunities and stay committed to your passion for tourism. Though we cannot predict when we will resume our tourism operations, we know that once we do, delivering the highest quality customer service or introducing innovative tourism businesses to the marketplace will strengthen our resurgence in hospitality excellence.”

The two courses – FoundEd and Promises –focus on skills critical to delivering the Caymankind experience which the Cayman Islands is known for throughout the region.

  • Promises focuses on customer service principles and outlining the three most influential aspects on which to focus their efforts as they serve their customers.  The webinar is ideal for those who want to learn how their service can create loyal customers and why excellence in service is so important.
  • FoundEd is geared towards Caymanian entrepreneurs interested in small and micro-businesses within the tourism industry, helping them to better understand how companies make money and taking them through the highlights of a short business plan. The seminar is ideal for new entrepreneurs who want to set up a small or micro tourism-related business and would like a better understanding of how a healthy business makes money in order to facilitate lasting success.

Director of Tourism, Mrs Rosa Harris stated, “DOT is happy to deliver training opportunities during these unsettling times with the goal of offering an outlet of refocusing. It is an opportune time to educate and motivate aspiring tourism business owners. The webinars will concentrate primarily on building a healthy tourism business with world-class customer service that will facilitate long-term success. A great benefit is that attendees will learn about how DOT and tourism partners can work together which will be critical in the rebuilding of our industry through creating Caymankind memories from stellar customer service experiences.”

For queries on these workshops, or to learn more about the PRIDE training opportunities, please click here or  

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