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Access to mental health treatment moving online

By: Marty Hobe

Many people are experiencing mental health challenges for this first time during this pandemic as many of us are stuck at home, unemployed or worried we might get sick.

But mental health treatment can’t take place in person for now, meaning much of it has moved to the telehealth or online space.

Terry McGuire has been running a podcast called Giving Voice to Depression, and is active on social media more than ever as people need messages of hope during what seems like an endless pandemic.

“They say one in five people is going to have a mental health issue and given here right now I think five and five of us are feeling some sort of anxiety,” she said.

McGuire said while some people who are used to living with depression or other mental health challenges, those who are new to it may be having a harder time during this pandemic.

For people dealing with these emotions for the first time, Mental Health America of Wisconsin has set up an online screening tool to help you sort out your feelings.

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