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Unlock your organisation’s potential with eLearning.

Utilising digital methods such as eLearning offers an enhanced user experience and provides learners with the flexibility to access course material online and study at their own pace, at a time and place convenient to them.

Stuart Kelly – Our voice on the retail and hospitality sector

eLearning is designed to be a cost-effective way of targeting a select group of individuals who need to develop and hone specific areas of expertise. Whether this is in auditing, compliance, or supply chain security, by honing in on key skillsets, business leaders can rest assured that their employees are equipped for their role and understand what is required of them to meet regulatory requirements and are acting in compliance with global and local standards.

Barbara Oxford, Internal Auditor at global insulation, asbestos management and scaffolding company KAEFER Ltd, strengthened her understanding of the internationally recognised occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001 using LR’s eLearning training course.

Barbara said: “The course captured all the main points of the ISO 45001 standard. There were interactive elements; there were pictures. It was so professional that we’ve been able to integrate it into our business in more ways than I expected. It’s enabled me to understand the standard far more – and in greater depth.”

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