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Nike Running Camps Is Excited to Launch the Bowerman Track Club Digital Training Program

Each athlete will have the opportunity to take part in lectures like Nutrition for runners or other activities like core and mobility for runners with BTC coaches and professional athletes.

From July 13-August 9th athletes, ages 13-19, experience a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best in the sport. The virtual training program is designed to take a holistic approach to middle distance and distance running by not only providing weekly training guidance but also teaching each athlete about general training philosophy, teamwork, nutrition, strength, injury prevention, and recovery. Each athlete will have a compatible group lead by a BTC Professional or Elite athlete that will meet for weekly video conferences to discuss the prescribed training and share learnings amongst each other. Each athlete will also have the opportunity to take part in daily lectures like ‘Nutrition for Runners’ or other activities like core and mobility for runners with BTC coaches and professional athletes.

“While we are unable to host an in-person camp this year, our Club has decided to offer a month-long training program for any high schooler craving peers who are also committed to working hard to better the athletic and personal potential,” states BTC Summer Training Program Director Elliott Heath. “Our Club is built on a foundation of teamwork on all levels, and despite the challenges, we still feel there is an opportunity to create a community of training partners to elevate each other. To be honest, we were unsatisfied with just providing instructional videos or one on one coaching, so our team of athletes and coaches brainstormed ways to we could not only provide motivated young athletes with training direction and information but to do so in a team environment.”

Directors Elliott Heath and Emily Pritt have created the curriculum incorporating some of the best coaches. Learn from a long list of experts including Coach Jerry Schumacher, PT Jay Dicharry, Nutritionist Michelle Tegenkamp, Coach Shalane Flanagan, and Culinary Expert Elyse Kopecky. In order to give every athlete the best experience possible, there will be two main ways athletes will be provided information and expected to engage throughout the training program. The combination of small training groups with personalized training and interaction with other similarly motivated athletes along with a breadth of holistic running video sessions is truly what sets the BTC Training Program apart from any other. All athletes will be provided training instruction, but it is optional to follow if they have training provided from there normal coach. All athletes are still able to benefit from a breadth of training philosophy discussion, team environment, and holistic running sessions.

Runners, coaches, and parents interested in learning more can visit Nike Running Camps.

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