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Revolutionize Learning Management System via AI

Artificial Intelligence is a new bandwagon lately.It is very enthusiastically used in the form of siri, alexa, google home, online shopping, search tool and in other forms too. It plays a constant role in our daily lives without us even realising it. Though AI makes our lives easier still it requires human input to function.

Why does an LMS need AI? LMS needs Artificial Intelligence for providing valuable training and experience to the employees. This robust technology improves employee experience by developing interaction between the user and technology. It automates training activities such as tracking performance, analysing results, generating feedback etc. AI not only increases the credibility of training; but also assist trainers to automatically grade results, fill informational gaps, help with onboarding etc.

Here’s a run-down on how AI benefits LMS and improves employee experience:

  • Personalisation: A general LMS provides the same content to every trainee. Whereas, AI-powered LMS provides personalized training content according to the trainee’s capabilities. It tracks the past performances and present progress of the trainee and modifies the content accordingly.
  • Breaks cultural barrier: AI enables LMS to process and understand different human languages. It integrates the LMS with chatbots and virtual assistants, which enables the learner to communicate in whatever language he/she prefers. In this way, AI breaks the cultural barriers and provides unexceptional learning experience to the learners.
  • Optimized content: Different kinds of content require different presentation formats. AI helps in the development of e-learning by classifying the elements of the content according to their needs.Using varied digital platforms, AI helps in developing the content in numerous forms. It enhances the consistency of the content by making it available in the form of videos,audio,text,infographics etc.
  • Gamification: Game-based learning is the most engaging and preferred mode of e-learning. AI plays a major role in intelligently designing and developing game features. It facilities learning activities in a fun and engaging way; and at the same time helps to develop a lot of skills in them.
    Effective and efficient learning: AI makes the learning process faster,accurate and efficient. It provides a smoother and enriched learning experience to the learners,without compromising with the quality of the content. It helps the learners to develop new skills and spend time on appropriate tasks.
  • Shorten the learning process: AI analyses the performance and progress of the learner and shortens the learning process. It suggests only specific modules that the learner needs according to his/her achievements and capabilities.

AI has broadly influenced a lot of industrial fields. AI tools and technologies improve training effectiveness and increase overall impact. It helps an LMS to work more intelligently by providing immense learning experience to the learners. It brings new capabilities to the LMS and effectively meets the learning and training needs of an organisation.In a nutshell AI-powered LMS brings a positive impact on the organisation.

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