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How Social Learning Outperforms Remote Workforce?

The concept of social learning is more than just a buzzword. It is rapidly becoming a hot topic in improving new skills and agility of the workforce. Social learning is a cognitive and behavioral process that occurs in a social setting. The worldwide pandemic has redirected more than half of the workforce towards  virtual working. In view of which social learning becomes a more important element for the organisations.


  • Improves social skills- Virtual working often becomes draining and alienated for the workforce. And lack of interaction leads to inefficiency of work and poor communication. Social e-learning tools such as live chat and discussion boards, helps in overcoming these obstacles.
  • Self-development- Social learning is a learner centric mode of learning. It develops self-organisation among the learners and impart various corporate training needs in them. It benefits the learners to build their own unique personality.
  • Great motivator- Working without regular interaction leads to isolation and  lack of motivation in the employees. Social e-learning gamification acts as a great motivator for the workforce. Its features such as leader board and progression bar, brings back the lost motivation of the workforce.
  • Healthier communication skills- Communication is a basic need in every field of work. It plays a crucial role in altering an individual’s attitudes. Social learning helps in improving communication skills and brings confidence in the learner.
  • Empowers learners- Collaboration and interaction help learners learn better. Sometimes a piece of advice from a fellow colleague helps to complete the work in a faster and better way.


Active learning- The active learning theory is all about getting learners to involve directly in the learning process. It facilitates better interaction and communication skills among the learners. Also, it encourages collaboration and teamwork among the learners.

  • Social learning platforms- To make social learning run deep, specialized platforms must be opted. Socially enabled learning management system is an excellent platform for the same. It facilitates better interaction between the users and feature capabilities, discussions, sharing of knowledge etc.
  • Training programs- Training programs that offer social interaction and collaboration must be adopted. Moreover, seminars and group sessions for social learning can also be conducted for the learners.
  • Informal team meetings-  Without teamwork it is hard to achieve any goal. Informal team meetings help to make the learners feel more free to speak their mind out. It not only provides them a peace of mind but also increases their collaborative skills.

In this 21st century social learning is absolutely unavoidable by business organisations. Social learning is a great addition to any sort of training. Fortunately, today Social Learning platforms are available that offer a single source to learn, share, collaborate and mentor.Learn more about how Syndicate Learning is helping with learning modalities.

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