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Totara, a dominant provider of enterprise learning,engagement and performance management technology announced the launch of the Totara Talent Experience Platform on October 6,2020. The platform was immediately available after the announcement of the launch. Totara’s Talent Experience Platform provides highly engaging learning experiences that boosts employee performance and shortens their learning curve. The platform is a combination of enhanced learning experience and a new performance management system.

The work constituted by the Totara Talent Enterprise is a breakthrough in the company’s evolution. The enterprise has successfully expanded from Totara Learn to an integrated offering, comprising three potential solutions- Totara Learn, Totara Engage, Totara Perform.These solutions together form a collective experience for the employees and the organisations. It brings together all the critically important areas to thrive and succeed- learning, engagement, collaboration, high-performance, and productivity.

Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara says “We created this platform to help organizations deliver a unified talent experience that provides the highly engaging learning and continuous performance management that employees and organizations need to fuel personal, career and company growth.” She also claims that “Top performing organizations understand that learning and performance management must be tightly interwoven, but the myriad of systems that organizations rely on to support these critical learning and development functions are often disparate and difficult to integrate.”


Totara Learn is the company’s transformational LMS, which is trusted and used by millions of learners worldwide. This transformational LMS replaces the drawbacks of the traditional LMS with an adaptable and extendable enterprise solution. Totara Learn is now an upgraded version of itself with features like a mobile app, multitenancy, a modern user interface, etc.

Totara Learn assists an organisation to :- 

  • Manage compliance with custom report building to keep the shareholders fully informed.
  • Engage learners and assign and personalize learning and incorporate training according to group, role, team, etc. 
  • Drive collaborative problem solving with centrally organised online and offline learning events.


Though formal learning has its own benefits, informal learning can also be useful in enhancing the success of the learning program. Unlike formal learning which can often become a bitter pill to swallow, informal learning is more fun and occurs at the learners pace. It helps in keeping the learners revved and mentally active. Totara’s user friendly learning experience platform (LXP), provides learners an engaging and collaborative environment. The platform facilitates to discover and share resources, insights and effective learning experiences to the users. Totara Engage assists an organisation to :- 

  • Build a connected culture by providing knowledge and resource sharing throughout the organisation.
  • Blend formal training with informal training and social learning to increase engagement and collaboration.
  • Give employees relevant training at appropriate times .


Totara Perform gives an organisation the facility to create its own course and tailor practices according to the culture of the organisation. It features a high level of adaptability and productivity. The system supports both the traditional and modern performance practices. Practices like continuous performance management, annual reviews,appraisals etc are included in the system. Totara perform assists an organisation to :- 

  • Set objectives and drive obvious results to build a culture of performance.
  • Maintain high performance with regular check-ins, continuous feedback, and smart goal setting for employees and remote workers.
  • Develop an agile and resilient workforce with the flexibility and power of more performance management. 

Totara under a single platform provides a transformational LMS, a user centric LXP and a comprehensive Performance Management System. It builds employee engagement, learning, and performance management technologies. Totara’s flexible features gives organizations the leverage to use the three solutions together or separately. Through Totara, organisations can gain the freedom to innovate, choose, and unlock critical resources for reinvestment ino where it really counts.


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