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Syndicate Learning Launches Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbot for eLearning Courses

Syndicate Learning announced that it successfully launched an artificial intelligence based chatbot, designed to act as a mentor and a support system for the learners. The organizations can use the chatbot to assist learners to answer their queries and help them to navigate through the course. The chatbot is modified in a way to refine its responses as it fields more questions. It ensures its usefulness for learners who fail to get a hold of their learning process. This robust technology improves learner’s learning experience by filling information gaps, developing an interaction, automating the learning process, etc.

Syndicate Learning’s AI chatbot is not just limited to answering queries and providing basic knowledge. It can work as an aid to the instructor by identifying mistakes with precision, checking assessments, assigning tasks and, more importantly keeping track of the learner’s progress. It can serve as a helping hand for the instructors.

In place of the instructor, this chatbot can answer daily queries of the learner, automate assessments, provide feedback, etc. Not only can it take the weight off the instructor’s shoulders, but it can also work with multiple students and groups simultaneously. A human can only do so much, whereas a chatbot has virtually an infinite capacity to store and analyse all data. It can support current learners and does not have human limitations such as cognitive bias, overload, forgetting, etc. It constantly offers assistance to a learner for as long as they need. The chatbot of Syndicate Learning offers a unique way to engage with learners through dialogue that is essential to the learning process, which allows the learner to initiate the conversation.

Ms. Sonika Rao, of Syndicate Learning said, “In covid19 epidemic artificial intelligence and machine learning are continuing to take a front-row in e-learning. Artificial intelligence-based teaching assistants are filling the gap between the learner and the mentor.”

Syndicate learning chatbot’s interactive mechanism provides additional data about learners and significantly contributes to the process of learning as compared to the traditional e-learning system. Apart from this, it enables training to occur at regular intervals throughout the day, which is more convenient and efficient than training that takes up huge sessions.

It works on the principle of interacting with the learner in a human-like manner, to give a one-to-one learning experience. One Of the most exciting parts of learning with a chatbot is that it can interact on both levels, on an individual basis and in groups. Learners can share their views and perspectives on a specific matter, which increases engagement and motivation in them. In the modern age, chatbots have turned out to be the most innovative solution in bridging the gap between technology and education. We are in an age where education is more accessible than ever before.

As adult learners are busy people, making time for learning is a priority for them. Chatbots empower learners with a knowledgeable and personalized training assistant at no additional cost. Modern chatbots are providing incredibly useful features and tools. Each learner learns and progresses at a different pace. Consequently, one of the most powerful advantages of chatbot is its flexibility to adapt to specific needs of a particular learner. It is capable of adapting to the speed at which the learner is moving.

On the whole, Syndicate Learning’s chatbot can potentially implement a wide-range of educational tasks in an efficient way. It can deliver onboarding services, support learners, act as a mentor, prompting through training events, provide feedback and assess learner’s efforts.

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