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Ontario Students Turning to eLearning to Stay on Track

eLearning, or pursuing your education online, is making waves among Ontario students. Increasingly, students are looking to online institutions to get their high school diplomas. Many elements of the traditional schooling environment present difficulties for modern high school students to overcome, so it’s no surprise that more and more are coming to study at online high schools.

There are lots of reasons to look at studying at an online school in Ontario, some of which are detailed below.

Learning On Demand

It’s easy to get left behind in a traditional classroom environment. Perhaps the teacher blazes through concepts that you’re struggling with, and before you know it, you’re out of your depth. On demand learning mitigates this, letting you work towards your goals at your own pace.

Because online lessons are always reviewable, you can take your time on difficult concepts and insure you’ve fully digested them before moving on. On the other hand, if there’s a topic you’re already confident in, you can quickly move through it without waiting for other students. This flexibility lets you work towards your goals at your own pace.

Establish Excellence in Soft Skills

Whether you’re thinking of entering higher education, or starting a trade or career, you’re going to need more than just raw academics. As more and more jobs get automated, the “soft skills” like initiative, leadership, collaboration, and time management are coming to the fore to distinguish excellent workers. You get a crash course in all of these when you use eLearning.

You will have to directly manage your time to fit your studies into your daily routine, you’ll also be able to develop leadership and collaborative skills in online group assignments. With the work accomplished at an online high school, you’ll develop a strong grounding in these skills for your future work or studies.

Take your Time

Many online high schools let you take your time to finish courses. Some will let you complete a course in as little as four weeks, or you can work on a course for an entire year. Without the cramming and anxiety of hitting assignment deadlines, you get a lot more opportunities to comprehend and digest information. Many university courses demand punishingly high grades in certain prerequisite subjects, and being able to take your time on these courses lets you work towards the best possible grade.

Fit in Part Time and Volunteer Work

One of the lesser-known components of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the volunteer requirement. Students are required to spend at least forty hours of community involvement as part of their diploma. This can be hard to balance for learners already managing careers, families and other domestic responsibilities.

It’s also a challenge for those students with specific volunteer positions in mind, who then have to wrestle traditional 8 – 3 school hours. One of the key benefits of online learning is that you’re getting extra time and flexibility to fit in these responsibilities into your schedule. With increased flexibility, you can make these requirements work for you, getting key volunteer and work experience under your belt to bulk up university applications, or establish necessary skills for career advancement.


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