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How Gamified Learning Solutions can Massively Boost Workplace Productivity

How Gamified Learning Solutions have been making a mark?


Schools and colleges have been using Gamified Learning Solutions for some time now, with substantially positive effects. We’ve recorded massive jumps across a whole range of different metrics using gamified employee engagement. According to, 60% of learners claimed they were more motivated to learn and 80% of students studied reported higher productivity when experienced gamified learning solutions. Top gamification companies also saw massive improvements in multi-tasking, teamwork, long-term planning, and the ability to individualize instruction without pulling extra resources from an instructor.


But in the workplace, gamified learning solutions and gamified employee engagement still seem to be lagging. Why? Are we concerned that games are too childish for our working professionals when adults make up 45% of gamers? There is a substantial difference in what games appeal to children versus adults, but the drive to play is not lost. According to Facebook Demographics, Bejeweled, a popular puzzle game involving tile-matching, has an average player age of 39, and 78% of players are female. And Bejeweled is not alone in either of these statistics. Treasure IsleCastle Age, and Texas Holdem Poker have all reported an average player age above 30, with Treasure Isle also predominantly female. In fact, according to, 40% of all gamers are women, and one in four gamers is above 50 years old.


While games like Call of Duty will always be played mostly by young boys, more and more game developers are starting to realize that games marketed to adults perform well because the market is there. Adults still enjoy the competitive thrill of a point-based system and leader boards. We are more engaged by a trivia game than a quiz. Team-building exercises do massively better when planned via gamified employee engagement approach using gamified learning solutions. Attention to detail goes up massively when navigating through the company’s intranet is tweaked from a simple tutorial to a competitive scavenger hunt.


Promoting Engagement


Lots of workplace tasks can feel extremely boring until they become second nature. New employees will often forget to clock in or complete reports. Older employees might struggle with changes to these systems implemented after they grew accustomed to the old ones. Adjusting these tasks through gamified employee engagement, including user interface changes and reward mechanisms, can turn these processes from an irritating chore to an exciting part of the day. When an employee is trained using a gamified learning solution it makes him stay longer and work harder. They are more likely to praise their workplace with family and friends, which brings in new talent and works as free marketing.


Gamified learning solutions make knowledge much easier to understand and implement. Companies that use engagement systems see significant boosts in employee satisfaction. Learning solution provider G-Cube has already helped giants like Maruti Suzuki and the Royal Bank of Scotland using gamified learning solutions and gamified employee engagement to restructure technical and policy training to great effect. Faster, more flexible training makes companies adapt to change with far less downtime than sluggish competitors, creating opportunities to seize larger and larger market shares.


Gamified learning solutions
                                   Gamification is great for engagement and team building


Inspiring Teamwork using Gamified Employee Engagement


The prolific use of virtual conference software like Zoom or Google Meet after the rise in work-from-home roles has also made employee engagement harder than a face-to-face conversation. Schools have been aware of this problem for years and have used gamified learning solutions and gamified employee engagement to fight this. But professional training is starting to catch up, with gamified learning solutions becoming more popular by the day. Google is employing games in their professional training through systems like Google Classroom, building customized game based solutions and gamified employee engagement around common workplace challenges and hurdles to gamify these tasks, and sometimes even gamify the company’s entire structure.


Gamified employee engagement create a sense of togetherness, even over virtual space, that can massively boost how well your team engages with each other. Simple cooperative tasks can convince teams to be more communicative, improving connection and rapport between members. Once your team can speak more openly with each other, complex projects with lots of moving parts become significantly easier to manage.


Driving Innovation using Gamified Learning Solutions


Competition has always been the fiercest driver of innovation. And while start-ups and other small-size firms can sometimes avoid this problem, larger firms often struggle with getting employees to feel the same pressure to compete with the market. This loss of momentum is one of the main reasons successful companies often die off, losing their competitive edge and eventually falling too far behind to continue to compete. Companies like Nokia and IBM are great examples of giants left in the dust when the market changed faster than they did.


The gamification of competitive systems is one of the most powerful solutions to these problems. Sales managers display targets on leader boards with regularly updated and publicly visible scores. Project teams challenge one another to gain the best customer satisfaction score. Senior management eagerly and openly celebrates success with prizes, both monetary and non-monetary. Companies already provide similar incentives and bonuses, but the added spectacle of a game-like tournament has a massive impact on the company’s future.


With the promise of higher rates of attention and knowledge retention, game-based learning is sure to take over the industry soon, and early adopters in healthcarebanking, and several other fields have already seen massive rates of success. Thousands of companies have built incredibly successful projects by working with reputed, award-winning e-learning companies like G-Cube. You can take a look at G-Cube’s website here, where you can request a demo or consultation with experts eager to work with your company.

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