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Benefits of using Corporate Learning Platform for Telecommunications Workforce

Mobile learning is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand systems in eLearning. In industries like aviation, mobile learning systems have become a fantastic way for on-the-go employees to continuously improve their skills while on-site or even in transit. Thus, working hours that might otherwise be wasted can instead be used productively, refreshing on-the-job skills or even cultivating employees for promotions.



Mobile learning has found rapid adaptation by companies across hundreds of manufacturing and software companies, including many of the esteemed Forbes 500 companies, who have at least partially adopted mobile learning solutions into their core L&D programs. While some companies in aviation have taken advantage of these systems as well with tremendous results, quite a few companies in aviation are still behind, making it particularly important to identify if this technology is a good fit for the industry to gain an edge over the competition by becoming an early adopter – and the data reflects very positively on that outcome.



In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common and powerful ways in which mobile learning solutions are proving to be miles above the alternatives. We’ll discuss how mobile learning solutions are quickly overtaking older, more traditional learning techniques across hundreds of different industries and avenues for reasons that are particularly relevant to the aviation industry.



Mobile Learning Solutions are Motivational



From aviation engineers and ground staff to pilots and crew, these mobile learning solutions can massively boost both productivity and morale. Particularly when combined with features like game-based learning and video learning, mobile learning systems can create fantastic engagement for employees and compel them to feel like you have created directed and intentional opportunities for career growth.



Mobile Learning Solutions are Flexible



While the typical medium for most mobile learning modules is a smartphone, many modules are easily adaptable to airline-friendly devices and don’t require an active internet connection. This allows in-air staff to even access mobile learning systems on technical training, new policies, leadership training, or any other subject matter during lulls on-board airlines. Some modules can even be taken in groups, fostering employee socialization and encouraging employees to take the modules seriously. Others are better designed to fill in gaps in an employee’s schedule that might otherwise lead to boredom and restlessness. While it’s important to keep time for rest and recreation to improve employee morale and focus, extended lulls can sometimes have the opposite effect, so having mobile learning solutions as a way to fill time and keep employees busy can help motivate staff to feel productive.



Mobile Learning Solutions are Standardized



Possibly the biggest concern in L&D from having a scattered workforce is the issue of standardization when you have employees in different cultures, and timezones, and who regularly speak different languages. While airline crews are often very cosmopolitan, engineers and other ground staff are not generally expected to have the same degree of flexibility. This makes traditional classroom training extremely difficult on multiple fronts, from the difficulty of asynchronous in-person training to the standardization of content, especially across multiple languages. However, with mobile learning systems, training modules can be pre-emptively standardized and SMEs can fact-check content in every applicable language, with asynchronous timezones becoming a non-issue due to the flexible, digital nature of eLearning, and mobile learning solutions in particular.



At G-Cube, we’ve helped hundreds of top-level companies, including several dozen highly rated aviation companies flourish through our understanding of the power of mobile learning solutions, and we’d love to help you do the same. You can take a look at our website here, where you can reach out to one of our experts for a free consultation. If you’re still unsure of your learning plan or about how we can help you, feel free to ask us for our samples and case studies that can help you get an idea of what to expect from us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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