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How does Custom eLearning Elevate Learning and Development?

When looking to fill a knowledge gap or train employees in recent advancements, a custom eLearning solution may be the best fit for your organization.

A customized learning module will have a greater impact on employees than any course, no matter how beautifully, remarkably, or cognition friendly it is designed. They will believe that it is tailored to them specifically.

The custom eLearning content material does not come across as intimidating, but rather as a tool to help support employees. The custom eLearning content development targets the specific pain points and advancements only, reducing the amount of unnecessary information. Custom eLearning content development is tailored to the needs of employees and organizations.

How Custom eLearning Content Development elevates Learning & Development to the Next Level?
  • Supports innovation and talent development

Custom eLearning is the focused approach. Developing employee capabilities requires a dedicated effort to create a plan for skill development or advancement. Custom eLearning content development focuses on developing personalized content and targeted assessments to provide a clear picture crucial for the development of identified skill gaps.

69% of employees are more likely to stay with an organization for 3+ years with a great onboarding experience. When learners are in control of their learning journey, which is guided by a strategic growth path, engagement and knowledge retention increase considerably.

  • Allows branding of learning content

As learning and development opportunities become a huge pointer when choosing an employer, custom eLearning content development provides one such opportunity to instil brand value, while strengthening the brand image and trust among stakeholders.

Whether it’s logo optimization in learning materials, reusable eLearning templates, colours, ethics, standards, language, or the overall look and feel of the course, consistent custom eLearning content development ensures that the right vibe is conveyed, and that trust is developed.

  • Ensures high-quality, focused learning/training

Traditionally, L&D was evaluated based on performance, but now we have a broader horizon that speaks of capability and credibility in terms of being the right fit for an organization.

To ensure this, custom eLearning content development transforms large amounts of complex information into smaller, bite-sized material that can be leveraged in multi-modal environments and thus maximizes learning. It provides a focused learning plan based on learning behaviour, cognition, integration capabilities, and personalization, while also allowing for continuous learning on the job.

  • Aligns learning with organizational standards

Custom eLearning is not the same as eLearning for employees; it places a strong emphasis on industry standards, company standards, accessibility, comprehension, and a variety of other factors. When using custom eLearning content development, no two organizations will have the same learning content. It is determined by workflows, preferences, processes, needs, demands, flexibility, tone, and so on.

As corporations become increasingly virtual and globally dispersed, custom eLearning can come to the rescue in developing a value-based culture. Most modern employees align learning courseware with organizational standards and reiterate what values are most important.

  • Motivates and engages talent

When knowledge becomes outdated, employees suffer, and thus profitability suffers. Onboarding a dedicated team for custom eLearning content development can provide the opportunity to have learning material that better utilizes their thoughts, and capacity to understand or comprehend, make decisions, and make sense of their contribution to the organization.

Employees can benefit from a customized eLearning plan that sets clear expectations and provides seamless knowledge distribution, and robust learning opportunities, thereby boosting engagement and providing performance support.

Nevertheless, developing a full-fledged eLearning plan from scratch with analysis and a deep dive approach may require a significant amount of time and effort from the internal support team. Whereas an outsourced dedicated team can help organizations in developing a robust strategy for employees to take part in later.

Learner engagement has been a buzzword for quite some time now, and it has grown even more prevalent in recent times of corporate turmoil. Here is an infographic on custom eLearning strategy and why it proves to be a thought-provoking, engaging, and innovative learning solution.

If you are looking to use this unique formula for success to train your employees, contact G-Cube Solutions and explore the best-customized eLearning program for your company.

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