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LMS for Corporate Learning in Software Companies: The Topmost Benefits

More than 70% of organizations in North American countries use a learning platform for their employees and that number is only growing. The APAC region is the biggest upcoming market where IT industries are booming with tech start-ups flourishing. The tech companies and IT departments at a larger enterprise-level be much more benefited from the use of LMS for corporate learning to meet their employee’s learning needs.


IT firms have a critical need to provide continuous training to upskill their existing employees and especially the new hires. The tech firms are always under constant pressure to remain ahead of the competition with their competitors. Thus, a robust system will surely help the IT firms to address the training needs of their highly skilled professionals.


Furthermore, IT company employees are techies who appreciate opportunities to learn the latest in the trade.  An LMS for Corporate Learning in the IT sector is a valuable and powerful tool for enhancing workforce productivity, motivation, and engagement. According to the eLearning Industry, 30% of the tech companies invest in LMS for corporate learning to running smooth training for their employees.


Let’s find out why.


Grow your workforce in multiple numbers with LMS for Corporate Learning

An LMS for corporate learning is scalable, which can help IT firms meet their evolving business and learning needs by efficiently managing a large amount of content and effectively sharing it among their learners. Most software companies have their offices in different locations across the country, thus a scalable LMS will help IT companies to manage multiple users that are accessing the system simultaneously. The IT companies can easily create and handle a pool of new employees depending on the new projects.


Ease out and pace your employee’s learning

According to Brandon Hall Group Study, online employee training reduces employee time by 40% to 60% compared to classroom training. An LMS for Corporate Learning in IT companies offers employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. Companies need to change their learning strategies in this fast-paced era and provide flexibility to employees in their training and development. IT employees mainly work as per their dedicated skillset; thus, it becomes imperative to provide them with the best available options to enhance their learning and contribute to achieving business goals.


Standardized Training across different roles

The IT industry and other software training companies need to provide standardized enterprise training to their workforce. An appropriate LMS for corporate learning in IT and software companies helps organizations manage, monitor, and have easy access to centralized training content. This approach avoids the chances of any misinformation being shared as all employees will access the same set of training content.


Make learning more fun and competitive

The IT employees are highly skilled and thus IT firms want to ensure that their employees are being trained in a way that’s more engaging, interactive, and effective. For this purpose, customized training is the solution that fits into their learning and training objectives. With an LMS, companies can easily customize the available standard training course to help their employees. The LMS provides the options to access the training content available in different types such as simple text, animated courses, videos, and many more.


Easy to operate and manage quick updates

An LMS for corporate learning in the IT sector helps you update the training content in no time and provides the option to add, delete, or modify the learning modules in a faster way. Furthermore, companies can quickly deploy new training programs and set the course key metrics according to employees learning objectives.



An LMS in the IT sector helps companies deliver effective training and monitor their employee’s performance. IT companies require a considerable amount of data such as training completion, assessment scores, engagement rates, participation rates, etc., to monitor their training course programs’ effectiveness. Hence, LMS for corporate learning automatically ensures the collection of data and generates reports based on different objectives and needs. As a result, companies get a quick overview of their training courses by monitoring and analyzing that data and amending the training material accordingly. This provides the companies a way forward to plan their training budget basis these data points and the various reports.


IT companies are putting a lot of effort into taking care of the learning & development needs of their employees. LMS plays an important role in delivering corporate training at each organizational level in various sectors. We at G-Cube offer LMS solutions with a bundle of features such as user management, performance-based learning, alerts & notifications capabilities, and support personalized training. Contact us to know more about our LMS product and its features.

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