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Acing Onboarding eLearning — The Current & Future State of Talent


Acing Employee Onboarding Solutions in the New Age


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of changed perceptions, it has become challenging for organizations to develop a relevant, meaningful, and impactful learning journey for new hires.


Employers are striving to find suitable onboarding eLearning services that identify, develop, and deliver the best learning experiences to employees, especially the new hires! The market for onboarding eLearning has witnessed a notable rise, especially in the last few years, and is expected to grow significantly.


Companies have been prioritizing employee onboarding, which paves the way to better productivity during these uncertain times.

How we design the most impactful onboarding eLearning journey

People need to be properly integrated into their new work routines. (We do so by bringing the missing human element back to learning). New hires want to feel welcomed and heard with a strong sense of belonging. However, virtual onboarding has its challenges.


Onboarding eLearning allows employers to tackle most remote onboarding challenges while focusing on the time-to-productivity ratio and simultaneously determining lifetime productivity based on talent.


Onboarding solutions for current and future development of talent have been enabled by eLearning in the following ways:

  • Integrating onboarding programs into new hires’ daily work routines so that onboarding is not seen as an extra effort.
  • Proactive sharing of the required information to make it globally accessible at all times in multiple formats.
  • Using microlearning nuggets based specifically on the organization and its culture, values, and processes.
  • Making the required resources available to enable each new hire, thus reducing dependency and making them feel confident.
  • Evaluating the progress of new employees through analytics, games, quizzes, etc.


Continuous Onboarding Program and Spaced Programs


An onboarding program placed out and spread in short learning bytes, enough to engage new hires with the most relevant information, timed well, meaningful, and can guide new employees is sought after. An onboarding solution that does not end at an “Aha” moment and guide employee throughout for at least a year has its benefit.


A continuous onboarding solution enables the organization to also reinforce the content they want employees to retain after spending some time in the organization.




Personality dynamics of employees require a dynamic treatment. A classroom setup may not allow the sort of personalization that is possible with eLearning.


While onboarding elearning solutions remain standard and adhered to, they allow personalization to roles and individuals accordingly, such that they need to learn what their work necessitates at that time. Also, it gives flexibility regarding schedule, accessibility, platform, speed, content, learning styles, language, etc., there can be many ways a new hire feels welcomed and happy when they see such a range of approaches available for them.


An array of media such as images, videos, interactivities, simulations, games, short bytes of information, and dedicated explainer videos, can be leveraged to personalize the onboarding experience.


Cultural Integration


To be able to minimize the learning curve, improve retention, and maximize relationship building, communication and sometimes over communication are required on regular basis. Be that employee handbook, how-to-dos, or performance support, the invested intent strengthens the bond.


Onboarding eLearning solutions help to define and assess these requirements. Experts can design content that shows how values make a difference in lives and the workplace, thereby making new employees subconsciously adhere to the expected guidelines and behaviours. Being conversational, friendly, and energetic help employees, especially in remote work, to feel welcomed.


Social Collaboration


Onboarding needs to be fun! It is necessary to get newly joined employees excited about their job for them to thrive in the future.


Employees need to be adequately challenged while grasping information such that learning is simultaneously retentive, engaging, and fun. Keeping new hires continuously challenged during their learning journey with scores, rewards, points, and dashboards makes them stay associated with their sense of purpose.


Observation, retention, motivation, community, and collaboration help employees to feel connected (which is crucial, especially for new hires).


Therefore, performance indicators are constantly monitored while designing any learning experience for new hires. As we know the hybrid and virtual onboarding experiences are mostly cloud-based with multichannel accessibility via scalable platforms and business apps.


The utilization of such operational platforms and designing of the best onboarding solutions can be facilitated by eLearning strategists, who can design impactful onboarding elearning programs and ensure that new hires feel supported and thrive through the entire course without being overwhelmed.


Reach out to G-Cube to create such effective cognitive onboarding elearning solutions for your company.

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