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Gamified Learning Solutions that will Supercharge Your Sales Teams

Game-Based Learning and gamified learning solutions have seen a surge in popularity in the sales training space. Many companies are beginning to recognize the power that game-based learning can provide, and how gamification provides a fantastic solution to the struggle to make sales environments highly competitive without making them toxic workplaces.

Sales and operations have always been at the forefront of any company’s revenue discussions, so, unsurprisingly, a lot of energy goes into making sure sales teams have all of the tools they need to excel and sell your company’s products and services. While this can come in many forms, corporate training has proven to be one of the most consistent ways to keep teams reliably performing at a high level for almost a century, and with the development of eLearning, corporate training has become far more affordable and easier to slot into even the most demanding schedules.

While classical versions of eLearning like interactive videos and animations are great at delivering information quickly and effectively, they seldom solve the most pronounced issues prevalent in sales teams. Sales companies have often struggled with the delicate balancing act of creating a work culture that’s both competitive enough to make employees ambitious and inclusive enough to make them feel like they belong. Often companies will sway too far in one direction or the other, creating environments that are either far too cutthroat or that don’t properly motivate star performers to continue to outpace their colleagues.  

Gamified Learning Solutions drive engaging, non-toxic competition

In the past, many companies would advertise sales bonuses and commissions on a public leader board as a way of incentivizing employees to compete with one another for the coveted prizes at the top of the leader board. However, this behaviour also tended to foster feelings of resentment, envy, and other behaviours that were not conducive to a healthy workplace. Employees were extremely hesitant to share best practices because another employee’s success meant another potential competitor for the top positions.

However, as an employer, it’s important to create a welcoming enough environment that new employees are given the tools to catch up to their veteran colleagues and that anyone having a bad day isn’t driven to burn out by being constantly reminded of their failure since this can often lead to a self-fulfilling downward spiral of poor performance.

Recently, many companies have begun to use gamified score-keeping with help of Gamified Learning Solutions to create sales incentives that are both attractive and playful. While sales bonuses and incentives still exist, the public leader board is instead converted to something of a game show – often with teams earning points together, with prizes like gifts or a pizza party shared by the team at the end of the financial quarter, in addition to these privately discussed bonuses. This maintains a competitive dynamic while doing so in a way that is more friendly and sportsmanlike and creates a work culture that encourages veterans to bring the newbies in their teams up to speed.

Gamified Learning Solutions embed this kind of sportsmanship into the culture from the start

Changing culture is an extremely difficult process, especially in a department like sales. While it can seem great to redesign a sales floor to be more motivating and welcoming, the fact is that unless you get buy-in from your existing workforce, it’s a difficult culture to sell. Thankfully, this kind of wide-scale change management is a fantastic place to start exposing your teams to gamification techniques, and through Gamified Learning Solutions sessions that discuss the benefits of such a work culture, you can empower your teams to get excited about the change to a productive sales floor that’s both more encouraging of competitive success and more inclusive to newbies and those struggling to perform. Employees want to feel rewarded for success without feeling crucified for failure. Every champion has a bad day, after all.

G-Cube has helped many companies in dozens of industries, including banking and finance, software, retail, healthcare, and many more to create Gamified Learning Solutions Systems, both single- and multi-module programs for sales, and change management, and technical training, onboarding, and much more. You can take a look at our website here, where you can reach out to one of our experts for a free consultation. If you’re still unsure of your learning plan or about how we can help you, feel free to ask us for our samples and case studies that can help you get an idea of what to expect from us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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