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G-Cube Learning Performance Platform: The Synergy of Business Objectives and Your Corporate LMS

Various radical challenges like resource scarcity, climate crisis, economic power shift, and disruptive innovations are reshaping the world of work and according to the PwC 2021 report, ‘Organizations will have to be prepared to undergo new learning cycles and adapt themselves to these new challenges, not only to survive but to succeed.’ The report predicts that 53% of how we work will be transformed by technology breakthroughs over the next 5-10 years. The LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2022 notes that 72% of learning programs will focus on skill development: be it upskilling or reskilling initiatives or digital transformation.

At the heart of all learning initiatives in the corporate training space, there is a business objective. However, several organizations fail to align learning initiatives to business goals which leads to a lot of redundant efforts. The corporate learning industry has been trying to reduce this redundancy with ‘Personalization of learning for the past decade. With the introduction of the Learning Experience Platform, employees were being provided learning content based on their choice and learning behaviour.

10 years since the disruption called LXP, the G-Cube Learning Performance Platform (LPP), finally brings a solution to this redundancy – a platform that can link business goals with learning. It aims to eliminate redundant processes, costs, and admin time to bring faster and more efficient upskilling to your teams from all business functions.

Researchers across domains have unanimously voiced the need to have an application-based approach to learning or education. It is a circular process where acquiring knowledge should be directly related to the task it helps us perform.  Learning in the workplace takes place in the context of use, thus the employee’s performance is the learning outcome. Enhancing this performance is the goal of workplace learning.

How does a Learning Performance Platform enable performance-based learning?
Linking Learning with the Key Performance Indicators

Business Process Management Systems or BPMS holds the performance information of the employees. These systems may vary according to the department or function like CRM, ERP, HRMS, QMS etc. The learning performance platform can integrate with these systems to fetch individual performance data or the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the employees according to their job roles, departments, and key responsibility areas.

Delivering Performance-Based Training and Infrastructure

Based on the information received from the BPMS, the LPP automatically performs training needs analysis for the learners. The AI-based system identifies performance gaps and triggers training accordingly. What an Instructional Designer does to create a curriculum design is exactly what the LPP does to figure out the coaching and performance support required to achieve the set KPIs.

Usually, a manager will take at least one whole work week to check the reports for learning data, identify gaps and assign remedial training. LPP automates the entire task completing it in minutes.

Conducting Evaluation and Providing Feedback at Individual Level

It is important to understand here that the individual’s performance determines the department’s output and finally, the departments make the organization grow. The LPP analyzes data on an individual level and creates a learning cycle for each employee. They are continuously evaluated not only on their learning but also application of the same through business performance numbers from the BPMS. With an LPP, ‘continuous improvement’ becomes an organizational culture that is practised hands-on every day.

Commenting on the need for a Learning Performance Platform, Ankush Jagga, Business Head – Learning Technologies, G-Cube shared ‘When it comes to training initiatives becoming redundant, I feel, we were not looking at the core of the issue which is to – Integrate with Business. That’s the key to successfully defining the outcome of learning programs, technology, and strategy. At G-Cube, we have developed the Learning Performance Platform, G-Cube LPP which integrates with your core systems.’ Please visit us to know more about G-Cube proprietary system, Learning Performance Platform or talk to our learning consultant for a demo.

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