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Man, Machinery & Manufacturing Sector | Changing Ways of Training using Corporate Learning Management Software

Traditionally, manufacturing companies have been primarily training their employees in person at the production sites across different locations. With changing times and continuous switch over to automation, the complexity of modern manufacturing processes requires constantly knowledgeable & skilled manpower. The manufacturing companies must ensure that employees quickly adapt to the introduction of new materials, processes, and technologies. And that’s easily achievable via a centralized learning platform such as corporate learning management software.


The manufacturing industries must keep up with compliances, industry regulations, and safety protocols throughout. Thus, imparting the relevant knowledge and training programs regarding the same becomes an essential aspect. The manufacturing companies must be updated and kept up with the changing work environment and prevention laws in practice. Hence, regular upskilling and hiring of new employees in a faster way and more cost-effective way plays an important role.


The manufacturing companies work with a vision to grow at a rapid rate, increase existing production, add more manpower and increased revenue. The companies would struggle to achieve these targets due to the training challenges involved while using traditional methods of delivering training. In this modern era of smart technology being used everywhere to reduce effort and time, hence a learning platform is a must to train and upskill manpower. The corporate learning management software acts as a great solution that can help with changing the ways in which manufacturing industries train their people.


Let us look at the various ways Corporate Learning Management Software System has benefited the manufacturing industries:


Quick distribution & ease of maintaining training content

The LMS ensures quick distribution of training content to the employees with maintaining a set standard of learning via uniform learning sources and well-analyzed materials. The system ensures manufacturing companies with multiple units set up at different sites get the same set of content in accordance with the current laws and regulations included.


Meeting compliance & safety norms

When it comes to the manufacturing industries, following compliances is one of the most important during the day-to-day tasks. The non-compliance can lead to breaches and affects the overall business to a great extent. Earlier it was very hard for companies to keep up with the constantly changing laws and regulations and their quick understating. However, with the help of corporate learning management software, it has become much easier to manage compliance training as the system sends the auto notifications to the employees and keeps track of training completion & pending status to the supervisors.


Provides reporting data and insights

The Corporate Learning Management Software provides tracking and reporting features, the information is represented in a very simple graphical way that makes it very easy to understand the performance of each learner. The system regularly shares reports that help in performance comparison which plays an important role in decision making. The manufacturing industry makes use of this feature to minimize the employee’s skill gap, identify areas of improvement, and plan for future training as applicable. As per Learning Technologies, 82% say that reporting analytics is an important platform feature in the corporate learning management software.


Flexibility in learning available to employees

There are heavy machinery and big setups being used at manufacturing units thus it’s not easy to provide the training at the production site. There is a requirement for a simulation environment to the manpower aware of machinery and its operations. Here, the corporate learning management software provides the opportunity for virtual learning with the advantage of a great amount of flexibility in the process of learning. It allows the learner to study at their own pace, level of understating, and at their convenience.


Cost-effective & impactful

Training programs and upskilling often involve huge costs and other resources as well. This has often been referred to as one of the biggest physical training challenges in the manufacturing industry. After the Corporate Learning Management Software implementation, the training costs have been reduced to a large extent with better output. LMS can help in handling large data storage at very economical costs. This has made a huge impact on learning and training in the manufacturing industries globally.




The manufacturing industry has been using the traditional method of training and this made the process of gaining new knowledge more time taking which further delayed the overall business growth. The corporate learning management software has changed this scenario and the approach adopted by manufacturing companies while training their manpower. The easy access to learning at any time any place makes training a much easier process, and the manufacturing industry has made the most of it lately.


G-Cube’s LMS for manufacturing industries has been built in consultation with the industry experts and this has helped companies with a culture of continuous learning for better growth and opportunities for their employees. Talk to our learning consultant to know more about how an LMS helps in providing a competitive environment for learning new things for your workforce.

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