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How Microlearning is Supporting the Next Big Talent Shift in BFSI Industry

The immediate need to redesign learning to suit employees’ and organisations’ changing demands are required to remain competitive in the market.


According to a survey conducted among more than seven thousand employees at a few major retail banks in South Africa, it was found that learners reacted positively to micro learning and acquired the required knowledge.


The banking and financial sectors are booming at a fast rate. Nevertheless, the growth indicated increasing demand for BFSI services which also means increased competition and constant requirement to deliver such services. Whether BFSI employees are sitting at the desk or travelling locations, they have the responsibility for the most crucial information and operation.


Having access to a support guide and content enables the BFSI staff immensely. It also supports them in having the most crucial conversations related to policies, rules, updates, norms, etc.


How corporate microlearning development supports BFSI talent skilling?


Microlearning is a very specific ad highly impactful learning strategy. Its nature of addressing one topic at a time supports the essential requirement of updated or new information without impacting the services. A corporate microlearning development offers rapid, scaled, and relevant performance support instantly. It supports BFSI talent skilling with:


  • Sustainable Learning: On-the-job performance support with a short learning capsule that is not more than 5 to 7 minutes long provides the specific information and knowledge to perform the task.


  • Scaled Learning: Corporate Microlearning development focuses on one topic profoundly and is leveraged to scale to keep up with the industry or regulatory updates.


  • Flexible Learning: Microlearning also offers flexible learning options to the BFSI sector employees, for instance, it can be a short explainer video, an infographic, or an interactive PDF. When corporate microlearning development of content offers a logical flow of process or workflow, a learner finds it easier to remember.


Beyond the above, corporate microlearning development provides the most retention-friendly training and learning content. Interesting graphic and video content can give employees quick answers to their specific concerns. If an employee forgets something, they can immediately access micro-content in minutes and perform the task.


Leveraging corporate microlearning development in redesigning the L&D of the Banking and Financial Industry


With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, new payment technologies, crypto regulations, blockchain, and others, the focus of BFSI is on innovation to be prepared for the future. A committed corporate microlearning content development serves the anytime – anywhere requirement while remaining cognitive for employees.


Among the many benefits microlearning content development can provide in BFSI, listed are the top three.


  • Accelerates Onboarding: The short, crisp, and to-the-point corporate microlearning development of content not only prepare new employees for tasks based on job roles. Onboarding is continuous training, and the right content also helps to develop confidence in their approach and ability to apply knowledge at work. To train a new hire on a customer-first approach, digitization of processes and user experience from day one, microlearning content development is found to allow quicker, faster, and better learning retention.


  • Top-class customer service: Reports have shown that improving customer experience has been the topmost priority of this sector. The easily digestible information nuggets on how to deal with demanding customers, call etiquette, listening skills, empathy, and other such intervention help them drive high-value conversations and deliver superior customer service.


  • On-the-go sales training: The quickly accessible bite-sized information is custom-made to address the learner style, business metrics, and behaviour transformation while adding value to the enablement. With quick and relevant information on various products, selling points, differentiators, and pitching structures sales employees can drive fruitful conversations with prospects.


BFSI is a huge industry and highly regulated. Globally, the BFSI industry is targeting building their operational resilience, monitoring capital competence, and planning on liquidity management, risk management cyber strength, etc.


It requires staff to be highly attentive to recent updates, compliance changes, integrity issues, information accessibility concerns, etc., and offer the best services. Corporate microlearning development offers dedicated support to accelerate performance.


For people working in banking and financial institutes learning content is prime. Contact us today to create the right information on learning content at the right time.

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