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Four Ways Custom eLearning is Leveraged to Enable Nonprofit Workforce

The global NGOs and charitable market are expected to grow at a 6.9% rate and are estimated to reach $582.1 billion by 2030 ($236.1 billion in 2015).


Dedicated cause-serving volunteers are attracted to NGOs which are strategizing to sustain and grow their mission. Most NGOs are also acknowledging and developing strategies based on current realities and trends—perceived for better solutions to their problems.


This is an industry that finds participation of aspirational employees. This aspiration faces multiple challenges such as non-availability of funds, poor policy framework, inadequate resources, retention, or talent crunch to manage the initiative. Custom eLearning content development aligns learning with the core values and mission of the nonprofit industry.


The top four ways for effective and result-oriented custom eLearning content development are described in the following paragraphs:


  • To train on empathy

The nonprofit industry encompasses a varied degree of emotion where the communication often starts with “can you imagine.” In this context, requisite staff training to handle this sector’s human and emotion-centric issues is essential.


Custom eLearning content development utilizes modern instruction techniques and makes learning programs impactful with various design formats such as videos, animation, gamification, and interactivities. When a learner is in a simulated environment, they experience the emotion and impact, building empathy for actual sufferers. With personalized learning, storyboards, diagnostic feedback, scenario-based learning, and reinforced learning strategy, eLearning enables the development of positive empathy and work culture.


  • To train on communication and strategy

In 2022 and beyond, initiatives related to mental health, the environment, society, and others will continue to rise. NGOs must ensure their sustenance to prosper and mission accomplishment.


Custom eLearning content development trains multi-national staff in multiple time zones—in their native language—to effectively and clearly communicate their mission to a diverse audience. Custom eLearning Content Development enables them to attract authentic commitment from numerous prospects in leadership, fundraising campaigns, donors, etc. They can use the acquired knowledge to further explain their initiatives of women empowerment, skill development, water, and natural resources development, climate change, warfare, human rights, etc., to the locals.


  • To train in technology

A well-connected and cohesive team of volunteers, fundraisers, employees, and other staff is the key to an efficient and productive nonprofit mission. Whether it is bringing education to rural areas, making secure payments, or making a difference in society—the availability of technologically updated nonprofit staff is a prerequisite.


As work and processes are going online, payments and donations have also been digitalized. Custom eLearning content development enables the development of new skills and competencies. Nonprofit staff learns to use CRM, and manage digital payments, and QR code possibilities while maintaining the donors’ privacy (as applicable).


  • To have a fast-paced learning

Nonprofit staff is usually extensively involved in planning, organizing, and deciding on multiple ad hoc actions; thus, their learning should be crisper and sector-specific. Training staff and volunteers in the nonprofit sector using Custom eLearning Content Development can help streamline the work and communication with built-in templates, custom-built workflows, and automated mobile and email messages on the product, process, and guidelines. Achieving fast-paced and impactful learning is quite possible with tailored learning content and curriculum.


Training of NGOs and not-for-profit is different. Unlike the corporate sector, it requires expert attention, care, and detail to fulfil training needs.


Nevertheless, in the last couple of years, a sizable number of nonprofit organizations have struggled to keep afloat; 2022 is proving to be a turning point for many. The era of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is seeing a more conscious society and organizations. Hence, nonprofits can leave the challenge of human resource development to eLearning services and demonstrate their effort towards employee satisfaction and recognition with custom eLearning content development.


Contact us for the development of effortless, impactful, and engaging eLearning content for nonprofit staff—to benefit the mission, enable them to accomplish it, and influence society.

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