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The eLearning Route to Train the Trainers for Efficient Virtual Classroom Training Delivery

Organizations across the globe are struggling to cope with the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up. Classroom training is no...

Access to mental health treatment moving online

By: Marty Hobe Many people are experiencing mental health challenges for this first time during this pandemic as many of us are stuck at...

Schools ask for laptops to donate to kids for eLearning

Two schools in Carlisle are calling on the community to donate laptops and tablets to ensure children, who may not have suitable...

Singapore Stops Teachers Using Zoom App After ‘Very Serious Incidents’

One of the incidents involved obscene images appearing on screens and strange men making lewd comments. Singapore has suspended the use of video-conferencing...

Students to finish school year via eLearning

Superintendents look for graduation options Just last week, many parents, students and teachers had hoped at some point to return to finish out...

Coronavirus in UAE: Parents call for fee relief as learning goes online

School authorities revealed their limitations saying institutions need to take pragmatic decisions. With learning going digital as a precautionary measure against the spread...