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The Education and Training industry provides education services from preschools and schools, through to vocational education and training (VET) and higher education.

Syndicate Learning Announces the Launch of Video Based eLearning for Leadership Training

Syndicate Learning is excited to announce the launch of video based e-learning for training employees on leadership skills. The  ‘Leadership Series’ offers...

Baldwin Safety & Compliance Launches New Safety Manager e-Training

Baldwin Safety and Compliance has introduced a new e-Training program for safety managers. The self-paced virtual program covers key safety...

Garmin adds helicopter-specific eLearning courses for G1000H NXi

Garmin International has added new training courses for its G1000 NXi integrated flight deck The training courses are available in a virtual eLearning...

Learning Experience Design

Learning Experience Design or LX Design is the process of creating learning experiences that allows the learner to achieve the desired learning...

4 Benefits of Online Education and eLearning

By-  Jenna Delport For millions of students and instructors across the world, online classes have become a necessity because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, in...

Manufacturing in South Africa needs e-learning

Market-leading players are taking new direction in addressing employer-training needs South Africa’s manufacturing sector, the fourth-largest in the country, has been...

Working Parents Have Free Option for eLearning Students

BY ANGIE ANGERS  It’s been a problem for parents ever since school went virtual in the spring — how can parents go to work...

How To Create An Effective Learning Design?

Quality education is not possible without a solid learning design. Every organisation has its own process for developing learning courses. There are...

E-learning in India, a case of bad education

By- Rohit Dhankar In poorly performing educational systems as in the country, online learning may not usher in a revolution  

Schools Weren’t Ready for Cybersecurity Risks of eLearning

Experts predict cyberattacks against school systems will continue to increase as students return for the fall semester. More investments in cybersecurity is...