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The Education and Training industry provides education services from preschools and schools, through to vocational education and training (VET) and higher education.

Syndicate Learning Announces the Launch of Video Based eLearning for Leadership Training

Syndicate Learning is excited to announce the launch of video based e-learning for training employees on leadership skills. The  ‘Leadership Series’ offers...

Edtech startups move to non-English users as e-learning makes inroads in smaller towns

 By-Krishnanand Tripathi  Edtech: There are more than 3,500 education startups in the country that are vying for a pie...

How Does Game-Based Learning Benefit Your Organisation?

Boredom can kill a learner’s interest and motivation, required to carry on learning. And a dull learning process leads to inefficient learning....

Baldwin Safety & Compliance Launches New Safety Manager e-Training

Baldwin Safety and Compliance has introduced a new e-Training program for safety managers. The self-paced virtual program covers key safety...

E-learning in India, a case of bad education

By- Rohit Dhankar In poorly performing educational systems as in the country, online learning may not usher in a revolution  

CommLab India Bags the Fourth Spot Among the Top 20 Microlearning Providers for 2019

HYDERABAD, India - June 14, 2019 - CommLab India, the most sought-after rapid eLearning solutions provider has been ranked fourth among the ‘Top...

GoSkills Wins Gold and Silver in Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 Excellence in Technology Awards

GoSkills, a leader in corporate training, won two coveted Brandon Hall Group awards for Excellence in Technology. GoSkills was honored with the...

Nearly Half of Hillsborough County Students Opt for eLearning

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- Almost half of Hillsborough County parents with kids in public schools are opting for eLearning to start the new...

D2L Releases Indigo — And Unleashes A New Culture Of Corporate Learning

New ‘Indigo’ release puts employees in the driver’s seat in their own learning Global learning technology leader D2L today announced ‘Indigo’— the latest...

Genpact Opens Internal Learning Program to Foster Professional Resilience Globally

 Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, today announced Adapt and Rise, a role-based online learning platform that leverages...