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The Education and Training industry provides education services from preschools and schools, through to vocational education and training (VET) and higher education.

Meet Moodle HQ in edtech conferences around the world

Over the next few months, our team will be at events in Europe, Asia, South and North America and Africa. We would...

Edtech startups move to non-English users as e-learning makes inroads in smaller towns

 By-Krishnanand Tripathi  Edtech: There are more than 3,500 education startups in the country that are vying for a pie...

E-learning platform BasicFirst launches live online classes for students

The platform further revealed that the new service will be available on their platform in nine Indian languages within the next three...

Can E-Learning Improve Safety Training Compliance?

By-KIMBERLY HEGEMAN Could online safety training opportunities be a solution for construction contractors who claim they don't have time or resources to train? Here...

Why some eLearning courses go viral and others don’t?

eLearning has been a winner around the world since its inception. Reaching the remotest areas and helping learners all around the world to...

Luxury Gold launches new eLearning platform for agents

TORONTO — Luxury Gold has launched its brand new eLearning program – Luxury Gold Masterclass – to help travel agents increase their...

E-learning: TikTok’s foray in education videos set to revolutionise edutech market

E-learning: Tiktok’s decision to partner with E-learning companies has opened new avenues for edutech start-ups to significantly expand their user base without spending...

Linx International Group’s eLearning courses accessible to 985 million Arabic, Spanish and French speakers

Linx International Group, a pioneer in the provision of security, risk management, consultancy and training services, announced that its eLearning courses are...

This is how digital education is fixing education system in India?

There are different ways to do this, but these methods will let you know that how digital education is fixing education system...

How Education Technology Can Help Boost Parent Engagement

Every parent desires a bright future for their children, which can only be achieved through good education. But, how do parents gain...