Learning Budget Management

While Learning is an important aspect of the organization development, it is not mission-critical as there can be other avenues to meet the objectives. Consequently, Learning & Development Departments get limited budgets to meet their never-ending meets.

Like any other product or service in the market, learning technology is also available on any budget. From costly services in the United States to cheap services in Asian countries like India, Philippine, there are hundreds of technology vendors and suppliers.

There is a wide range of content to choose from: Off-the-Self Content, template based content, rapid authoring content, customized content, game-based content. While OTS can cost you a couple of hundred dollars, game-based content can cost several thousand for a small course. You can have a mix of the content to control your budget.

In Learning Technology again there is a wide range, from Free Open Source solution Moodle to Proprietary solutions from Vendors. In the proprietary range, there is again a large spectrum where LMS can cost 1 Dollar per month to 100 Dollar per month.

E-learning Carnival experts can help you optimize your budget for maximum performance by helping you selecting right technology, the right content and right service provider.

With a little more research and negotiation, we can help you save dollars to increase the ROI on learning budget.

If you have any question about Workforce Learning, Training or Technology, we can connect you with an expert who will have the answer. Write to us at contact@elearningcarnival.com.