Learning Design

Learning Design Principles and ConsultingWhat makes a great Learning Strategy successful is the Learning design for L&D programs.

A Learning design is often a formal document that constitutes brief description of learning environment, learning material, learning activities, learning resources and learner support system.

A learning environment may be a physical training room, digital learning platforms, learning apps etc.

Learning material may constitute printed material, digital content of any form like Off-the-self-content, content, game, video, animation, podcast or a mix of everything.

Learning activities include classroom sessions, workshops, events, demonstrations or eLearning content in various modalities.

Whether the learning is online or offline, Learner support system is most important part of a program’s long-term success. Learner support system may constitute Forum, Chat, or phone support to the learner to ask questions and clarify doubts.

Why Learning Design is Important

1. It provides a method by which designs can be reused, as opposed to just sharing content.
2. It can guide individuals through the process of creating new learning activities.
3. It helps create an audit trail of academic (and production) design decisions.
4. It can highlight policy implications for staff development, resource allocation, quality, etc.
5. It has the potential to aids learners and tutors in complex activities by guiding them through the activity sequence.

Next Steps

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