Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy ConsultantThe common pitfall for the failure of Training / Learning initiatives is lack of a suitable strategy. Merely copying the learning trends cannot give the desired result. A sound learning strategy needs to keep the organizational maturity level, learning culture, technology infrastructure and the workforce demographics in mind.

What works for others may not work for you. Each organization is different and requires a tailor-made strategy. eLearning Carnival Experts can help you put all the pieces together and create a holistic learning strategy that works.

Our Learning Strategy Tools enables you to set learning goals for your organization, select the right learning principle & identify the right learning design.

Our Focus Area

We focus on a combination of following elements to constitute the Right Learning Strategy for you:

1. Organizational Maturity & Readiness
2. Technology Infrastructure
3. Learning Goals & Objectives
4. Audience Category & Profiles
5. Learning Principle(s)
6. Learning Content Modality
7. Learning Duration & Refreshers
8. Learning Budget & Continuity
9. Development Mode -In-house/Outsource
10. Learning Performance Analysis

Next Steps

If you are looking to create a solid Learning Strategy, please contact eLearning Carnival & an expert will attend to you within 24 Business Hours.

Please write to us at contact@elearningcarnival.com.